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My iphone got stolen and I want to ask if it possible to lock the whole iphone,so they cannot use it!?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1
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    Only if Find My Phone were setup/activated BEFORE your phone were stolen. Otherwise, there is no way to do so. If you did setup Find My Phone, login to iCloud.com.


    Change all of your passwords & report the loss to your carrier & police.

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    My name is Paul Zanardo, I bought an iphone 4 on a business trip to Italy on 28/06/2012. Registered the same on my notebook, I made all the necessary updates, put FIND MY IPHONE and other applications. On 23/09/2012eu was robbed in the city of Rio de Janeiro Brazil.

    Previously I had done tests with the FIND MY IPHONE and it worked perfectly in my tests, when needed BUT the workings of the software it did not. I have not received any statement on my e-mail with the location of the device.

    After 2 to 3 weeks without receiving news I decided to delete all my information from the device, called the operator TIM and requested the blocking of IMEI.

    Now after a long time get advice from friends to go with Apple because the technology that you use might somehow help to find my phone via IMEI.

    I've been seeing and SUPPORT POSTS and when it is stolen the first thing I encounter is:

    If you have lost or found an Apple product, please contact your local law enforcement agency to report it. To keep using Express Lane, choose another topic support.

    I never imagined that a company has a well-known brand, one of which sell more devices, one of the most desirable can handle this case in this way.

    Today is currently working on a telecommunications company, I wish everyone an Iphone and it awakened my interest again trying to recover my device.

    I wonder if I would have a collaboration with you or I would have to do this myself?

    I would like to receive a positive message from you!


    Thank you for your Attention.

    Paulo Cesar Zanardo



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    Please do not post multiple copies of your problem.