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I'm currently running Lion on an 09 iMac and have been having issues.


First of all, my Login items don't seem to remember themselves. I'm the admin user, so I've done the whole unlock, make my changes, then lock, yet every time I restart my computer these items are back to normal. Three of which I do not need.


My second issue is iCloud, everytime I turn on my computer, the iCloud panel from the system prefences opens (Nothing pointing to that in my Login items). I don't even use iCloud, and so I felt I should sign out, however it warns me all my iCloud contacts will be deleted from my computer. I'm afraid this will include the contacts that I've mannually put into my address book application.


Thanks for your help,


PS System is up to date



iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.7), Intel Core 2 Duo 2.66GHz 4GB of RAM
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    First thing I'd recommend is bringing your system up-to-date by running Software Update and getting it to 10.5.8, your profile indicates you are still on 10.5.7. Next thing you can try is restart in Safe Mode, this will clear some caches. It's possible one or more cache has become corrupt.

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    Thank you for your reply,


    Unfortunately it did not work. Although I am not positive I got myself into System Preferences. I held the shift key at start up and got a progress bar on the grey screen/grey logo, it then brought me to what appeared to be my normal desktop (I know visually it is different on a PC) Either way, the iCloud panel popped up and I did my changes in my Login items. Then restarted to get the same issues as before.


    PS, I'm running at 10.7.3, I neglected to update my profile for a while.


    Thanks again for the help,



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    When you held down the Shift key on startup you rebooted into Safe Mode. Please read the complete Apple Advice letter that explains what a Safe Mode start is. To open System Preferences you will find that in your Applications folder or you use a shortcut by holding down the Command key and spacebar and type System Preferences.


    Once in System Preferences click iCloud, and click the box that says Sign Out.

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    I don't believe I'm getting into safe mode. Like I wrote earlier I'm getting a progression bar before start up, however then my desktop looks the same (Launch pad loads slowly, however everything else is the same). I used a command from the support page that ypu provided to ensure I started up in safe mode. Either way I signed out, and restarted where I was greated with the same iCloud panel telling me I have the wrong password and such.


    Thanks again for your help

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    It started in Safe Mode, it also indicated that on the log in screen if you log in with your  password. If the same window is showing up then try System Preferences - iClould - and select Sign Out

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    Fixed by deleting my loginwindow.plist from my preferences. It deleted all of my login items and I remade those that I needed.