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i had to charge my ipod 2 in 1 day. and it went down in 2hrs.

iPod touch
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    What were doing with it during those two hours? Just apps/features eat battery life up much quicker turned on or in use then when not.  How old is the iPod?  Perhaps the battery is just starting to lose its ability to hold any sort of charge.



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    it was on the charger for those times, cuz i was uploading pics to my comp. i got the ipod in 2010, so yeah,.its 32gb n its nt even half way filling up the space yet. so idk, hw it went down by fast... could there b a glitch, like last ttime n the apple fix the update to it. thnx for replying me back.

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    Could be a defective or faulty battery.  There are several things you should do though first to help try and improve the iPod's overall battery health.  The first is to turn off Wi-Fi whenever you don't need it or can't use it.  Instead enable Airplane mode from within Settings.


    Another good idea to be to close Apps that in your multitasking tray/bar when you are finished with them.  To do this, double click the Home button.  Tap one of the listed apps until a small red sign appears over the upper right hand corner of each. Tap this icon to remove the app from the list.


    See here for more information and recommendations regarding your iPod's battery life and health.