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    FangSuede wrote:


    As you are not able to post on MacRumors at the moment I wanted to ask what happened when you updated to the latest April 5, 2012 version of P7?

    When followed, the MR instruction set only gets a P7 comment to use SL Server.

    I am not sure I understand exactly what you mean by: "When followed, the MR [MacRumors?] instruction set only gets a P7 [Parallels 7] comment to use SL Server."


    As I expected, Snow Leopard continues to operate fine with the April 5th update:


    Parallels 7 update.png


    My Cautionary Note #3 came in response to an off-site communication I had with an earlier poster here who expressed some "day to day" concerns about the continuing viability of this approach after future Parallels updates and the lack of possible Parallels technical support for the installation of Snow Leopard.  While I considered the likelihood of problems with future updates very slim, proper decorum called for the disclaimer. 


    The MacRumors discussion was hijacked by two posters whose parents really, really wanted them to go to law school.  In the hopes that they would move their discussion to another thread, I made a mistake:


    In the words of the eTrade Baby: "I guess sending a second private message to someone who has asked not to be sent any more private messages is FROWNED UPON BY THIS ESTABLISHMENT!"  Consequently, I have been sent to my crib until early Sunday morning!


    You could do fr4nx0r, over on MacRumors, a favor and reply to his post for me that the April update works fine; maybe even copying over the screenshot. Maybe that is what your sentence is suggesting... Thanks!

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    Good work Michael. I shall be linking to this!



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    softwater wrote:


    Good work Michael. I shall be linking to this!



    Thank you!


    Remember, since the MacRumors copy of the Instruction Set is editable, it is most up to date (although, going forward, I will post modifications here chronologically):



    Actually the only serious typo I made here was the mistake of using double quotes (") in the Terminal instruction in Step One instead of single quotes (').  The other clarifications of Terminal commands were because they broke into more than one line and the spaces were hidden by the line breaks -- when copied and pasted, they work fine.


    I will continue to update the Instruction Set once I start to receive some improvements over my work (whiich of course improved the work of many others!).


    Does anyone know how to modify a package on an image file of an Installation DVD?  If there is a way to achieve that modfication, it could remove some of the later Terminal commands.

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    FangSuede wrote:


    When followed, the MR instruction set only gets a P7 comment to use SL Server.

    I have posted on MR - Troubleshooting Step One; a more detained discussion of completing Step One.  Double check your process to be sure you are not making an error and let us know how you fare:


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    My experience in following up on the assistance offered by MichaelLAX has been 100% positive. In addition to solving some huge problems for me, Michael was more than generous with his time expended guiding me through the initial installation and set up.


    I’m now running Snow Leopard with full Rosetta function within Parallels Desktop on an OS X 10.7.3 Lion system. It works!


    For those needing Rosetta after upgrading to Lion, some have suggested continuing to run Snow Leopard on a separate partition or on an external drive. This might be a satisfactory, but somewhat cumbersome, solution for some users, but I believe this will work only on Macs which have not had Lion preinstalled. I also have an old G4 PowerMac still running Tiger OS X 10.4 11 (and not upgradeable), but this machine won’t last forever. The above “solution” will be compatible with a new Mac purchased in the future.

    I’m the professional landscape photographer to whom Michael referred in some previous posts.

    In early March I began investigating the implications of Apple’s iCloud (and Lion) changes, mainly because of concerns about maintaining my email address. I have no reason to doubt the assurances of some posters on these forums that such mail will continue to work with Mac Mail in Snow Leopard after making manual account settings changes – even after June 30th. On the other hand I received four different opinions from the four Apple representatives I queried about this issue in March.


    I depend on some legacy PPC only software for my business – software which will never be upgraded to Universal or Intel versions and for which there are no substitutes or alternatives.

    Many high grade film scanners were long ago discontinued, or the manufacturers have exited that business. I also have many old AppleWorks drawing documents which cannot be opened in Pages. The Lion compatible (Intel) versions of some essential utilities for my Epson 4880 printer were released by Epson last December (Epson LFP Remote Panel and Epson Printer Watcher), but these updates are missing many of the useful functions of the previous PPC versions. A fully functional Intel version of the software for my i1 Display 2 colorimeter hardware, used to calibrate monitors, won't be available until September.


    From June 15th until late September I’ll be in a remote location in Montana where dial-up is the only practical option. I’ve had to purchase a new modem (ZOOM 3095) since my Apple USB modem (purchased from the Apple Store in June 2009) won’t work on MacBook Pros with Lion installed (even when running the above Parallels “solution”). The “Safe Place” software that I had been using for years to store 189 encrypted passwords is PPC only. It required a full day to transcribe this data into the newly purchased 1Password application.


    I could provide several further examples. This entire experience, except for my contact with MichaelLAX, has left a bitter taste and consumed an inordinate amount of time. Most of my friends and acquaintances who are Mac users have been completely unaware of these pending issues. I think that subsequent to June 30 there will be many who are completely surprised – and a resulting PR fiasco.

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    Parallels 7 Update: June 4, 2012 Build 7.0.15095 (Revision 768120)

    I can now confirm that the latest Parallels 7 update of Build 7.0.15095 (Revision 768120; June 4, 2012) works with both a previously existing Snow Leopard Parallels environment and a new one I created today.

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    Once again, these direction have been moved to MacRumors, since that forum allows for modifications and I keep the first post up to date, without having to review all of the following posts:


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    Apple has come to the rescue of Lion and Mt. Lion users who need to restore access to Rosetta for running their PowerPC applications:


    The Apple Store now offers Snow Leopard Server for a 95% discount over its previously offered price: $19.99 + sales tax & shipping. 


    1.800.MYAPPLE (1.800.692.7753) - Apple Part Number: MC588Z/A (telephone orders only)


    CS2 Photoshop running in Snow Leopard Server installed into Parallels for use in Lion or Mt. Lion:


    Photoshop red flag in SLS.png

                                  [click on image to enlarge]


    Adobe now offers Creative Suite 2 (CS2) for free download

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    seems that apple changed anything during the last updates, also for 10.7

    I still use PD 7 and my installed 10.6.8 worked fine for the past years.


    Since some days, it won't start - with upcoming error-Message "An invalid Version of Mac OS has been installed".


    Is there any kind of ... workaround for this?

    I only need SnowLew some times for the mast few apps and don't want to waste 100 bucks für the server-version...



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    While there are some troubleshooting tips here:



    Now that Apple has reduced the price of Snow Leopard Server by 95% to only $20, the best investment for saving time and trouble in the future is to create a new Parallels virtualization for SLS.


    Snow Leopard Server is available for $19.99 + sales tax & shipping costs at 1.800.MYAPPLE (1.800.692.7753) - Apple Part Number: MC588Z/A (telephone orders only).

    I always advise that you save your data outside of the virtualization environment.

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    Thank yo very much!

    This links solved my Problem. (You can use any MacOS-Version to fix this issue...)

    Your advise is correct not to save important data inside a VM.

    I only need 10.6 for _one_ application and save the results outside...

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    Glad I was able to help you out!

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    Installing Snow Leopard Server into Parallels for DUMMIES:


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