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Argelius Level 2 Level 2

Aperture has starting acting really oddly.  The primaryt thing I've noted is that when I make adjustments, frequently they aren't being reflected in the image shown (as if the "preivew" isn't being updated.  I know the adjustments are doing something, since the histogram curves change as I'm making changes. Moreover, if I toggle between the master and the version, no change is displayed (although the histograms do change).


The above behavior happens about 80% of the time, with the other 20% of the time things act normally. I can't determine any pattern to when things work or don't work.


I tried deleting all the previews and recreating them all, thinking maybe there was some issue with the preview database. Alas, that didn't solve the problem.


Any ideas?

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7)