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I've dragged three podcasts from my iTunes Library into the iTouch in the device pane in iTunes. The display shows that they went to the iTouch and the progress window shows the transfer in real-time while it's happening.


The problem is, when I click on the "more" tab in the iTunes app in the iTouch, it displays a "Podcasts" menu item which takes me to the online version of iTunes and displays stuff to buy.


I already own the podcasts I'm looking for and they are residing in my Library but they seem to disappear in my iTouch after I transfer them there. Where are they?


I know how to use the system because I regularly move podcasts manually into my old 2G Nano  using the same iTunes. It works fine. It's just the iTouch that seems to "zap" the transfers.


What am I doing wrong?


Many thanks for any hints.



iPod touch, iOS 5.1, #1 iTouch