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I have Mac Mini which is installed with Lion and Windows 7 Operating System. When boot up with Windows 7 it goes blank. I open the Windows Task Manager and stopped the net.exe service. After stopping, the windows desktop back to normal. Appreciate if could tell me what is the solution.

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
  • Jaygyver Level 3 Level 3

    Doing a quick Yahoo/Google search I found that it's either a Malware/Trojan or just a corrupt file. It depends on where it's located and how it's spelled.


    Down load a Malware/Trojan finder and run it and see if it finds anything. If not then try going to the Microsoft Support site and see if you can find anything that's relevant. You have a full install of Windows so don't forget it may just be a Windows issue.

  • usha jerina Level 1 Level 1

    Thank you Jaygyver. I will try to do as you mention.

  • usha jerina Level 1 Level 1

    Dear Jaygyer,


    I tried to scan using malware/spyware tool but didn't find anything. I am dead end. Please help me.


    Thanking in advance.

  • ReMacs Level 2 Level 2

    [Net cmd - run in command prompt (Net.exe is in \Windows\System32 and \Windows\Syswow64) The net command is used to update, fix, or view the network or network settings.]


    You can check to see what is being run at startup by typing msconfig into start menu question field, then selecting it and clicking the Startup tab.


    Boot Camp and Microsoft Security Client are the only items I leave checked.  M. S. C. is Microsoft Security Essentials which is the only protection you need in Windows OS. Before install, uninstall any other AVirus software then get it here

    http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows/products/security-essentials/product- information

  • Csound1 Level 8 Level 8

    Net.exe is a standard Windows file, nothing to worry about,


    here is the info about it

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    Dear ReMacs,


    I have tried just as you mention to do but still failed. I downloaded the Microsoft Security Essentails (installed), uninstall the Norton Antivirus, and left two check Boot Camp and Microsoft Security Essential in MSCONFIG startup items. Please help !!!


    Thanking in advance.

  • ReMacs Level 2 Level 2

    1) Run Apple & Windows update if you have not done so already

    2) Run full scan with Security Essentials icon in Taskbar looks like a green Curling stone.

    3) See my Scan pic: right click Command Prompt selecting Run as Admin. In Command window, Key->sfc /scannow


    4) Open Control Panel, select System, select Properties, Select Advanced System Settings; (Check Remote Tab - you might want to change defult settings so your computer can't be controlled remotely) select Computer Name tab; click Network ID Button; select This is a home computer, Next... reboot )


    Good luck.



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    Dear ReMacs,


    I have tried the method which you have provided but didn't work. The Mac Mini is connected with a domain. The desktop appears when using the Wireless connection but when using with Cable network it goes blank and need to stop the service on net.exe. Please help.


    Thanking in advance.

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    In Device Manager, If there is a problem with a device, it is listed in the hardware tree under Computer. Also, the problem device has a symbol that indicates the type of problem:

    A black exclamation point on a yellow field indicates the device is in a problem state. Note that a device that is in a problem state can be functioning.
    A problem code explaining the problem is displayed for the device.
    A red "X" indicates a disabled device. A disabled device is a device that is physically present in the computer and is consuming resources, but does not have a protected-mode driver loaded.
    A blue "i" on a white field on a device resource in Computer properties indicates that the Use Automatic Settings feature is not selected for the device and that the resource was manually selected. Note that this does not indicate a problem or disabled state.


    Right click on a problem device provides option "Update Driver Software". If problem was wired inet connection you would need to get update with a working wireless connection.


    If you are trying to get Modem/Router working, the way to reset it/them is to pull all wires then pull the power connection out for a minute.


    If you want to disable an active wired or wireless connection this can be done in device manager right click. It is better to create a shortcut to Desktop/Taskbar as you can see in my Pic. The blue FlipFlop arrows are a shortcut which can be right clicked to enable/disable/status the adapter.  Red x in wired network connection icon means disabled.


    The acion that is taken when you left click an object is the default of the options you see when you right click.




  • usha jerina Level 1 Level 1

    I have checked in the Device Manager and found nothing which indicates or "RED" X or even blue "i".