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Hi, I have a new mac book pro and am using Final Cut Express with it. It is the standard 15in 2.2 Ghz, but I'm getting dropped frames on this new edit. I have done a couple edits before with this new computer and it worked fine. Its just started to happen. It is impossible to finish my edit with this constinantly happening. I am getting the warning, saying that my disk is too slow. Is this even possible with a brand new mac book pro? What can I do to solve this? Am thinking about going to the genius bar.

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    Please provide details ...


    What versions of OS X and FCE are you using?

    Are you using an external hard drive?

    What are the properties of your sequence & clip(s) ... frame size, vid rate & codec (compression)?

    What was the source of your video clips  (camcorder make/model, etc)?

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    MBPro Macs use a 5200 RPM drive as the system standard, once the drive fills it can easily choke.

    Use your System Profiler to determine the speed.


    Are you using the system drive or an external to store the footage?


    As Martin indicates, we need to know specifics about your setup.



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    Im running OSX 10.7.3 and FCE 4.01, no external drive, im using full 1080p HD clips coded to Apple Intermediate Codec, and FCE is running with HDV Apple Intermediate Codec 1080i60. I used a Go Pro, It codes to MP4 which ive been told doesnt work well with FCE, so I converted to Apple Intermediate Codec with MPEG Streamclip (Free Donwload from internert). I exported to see what would happen, it dropped frames even in the exported .mov file. Who can I fix this? Also what export settings do you recomend, Im looking for high quality most likely 1080p. Thanks for the quick responses!

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    Use Streamclip export as Quicktime 1920 x 1080i.

    The HDV codec is 1440 x1080i and will not work correctly.

    Start a New Project and select the FCE Easy Setup>AVCHD-Apple Intermediate Codec 1920 x 1080i 50 or 60.

    50 or 60 relates to PAL or NTSC select the appropriate one to match your camera.


    Note: FCE does not like progressive footage, make sure it's interlaced.



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    FYI ... Final Cut Pro X can natively edit video from the Go Pro (GoPro H.264) ... there is no need to transcode first.  You should consider upgrading to FCP-X, especially since a new MacBook Pro would have OS X Lion (10.7.x) ... and Final Cut Express is not supported on Lion.

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    Thanks, I was able to transfer all my data to a hard drive and work off that. I finnished my edit and exported it. But I will def use this setup for all my future edits so I dont have to work off of a hard drive all the time. Thanks!