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Hi there. This is my first time to look for help here but that shows how lost I am.


In short, I own an old version of FCP 4.5 that I used extensively since it came out and until 2008. Then, I didn't use it for awhile, and last fall when my MacBook Pro crashed I had to erase the HD and reinstall all applications on it, including my old FCP. Apple guys installed Snow Leopard OS.


I installed my old FCP 4.5 because I'm not sure whether I'm going to buy a new FCP X or work in Avid.


I have an urgent project to cut now but I've been running into different problems and the most frustrating one is with Livetype. It wouldn't even launch it...and instead it brings up a window with a crash report (see the image). I noticed that Motion and DVD Pro also wouldn't launch.


Can someone help me to find a way to make it work? Thank you!livetype-crash-report.jpg

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), LiveType crashes after installation
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    I'm surprised that FCP 4.5 even installed on a MacBook Pro ... it was written for PPC processor Macs and isn't fully compatible with Intel processor Macs.  Same goes for the older versions of LiveType.



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    David, thank you. I know what you mean.

    No, FCP 4.5 can be installed just fine...But it launches the app only after Esc(aping) a window that says some nonsense, i.e. you have to press Esc to the first window that pops up after the command to launch it, and then you're all good.

    As I said before, the only problems I've been encountering so far are related to not beling able to launch LiveType, DVD pro, and Motion. I'm running out of options and after a scheduled visit with an Apple rep today I'm just going to forget about using LiveType on my MacBook Pro and do it on my old MAC (a different computer that's compatible with this version of FCP).