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Tony Baker Level 1 Level 1

Hi !


I have an Xserve early 2008 (Intel 2.8Ghz)


We ordered it with Internal RAID card and associated backplane


Due to issues with this configuration and batteries keep on failing, I have lost confidence in it.

I want to remove the RAID card and put it back to a standard configuration with SATA backplane


Can someone tell me if there are a kit of parts to do this or some links to purchase these parts





  • beatle20359 Level 2 Level 2

    Hi Tony,


    This is the part number 661-4648. Macpartsonline.com has it listed at $225 if you are in the US.


    How often has your battery failed? We've had this issue in the past with one server but since it's had the battery replaced once it's worked fine for 3 years now.


    Hope that helps


  • Tony Baker Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Beatle !


    Thanks for taking the trouble


    Am in the UK - dont mind where I get the part from really (cost :-) )


    I have a number of machines with RAID cards and to date I must of replaced about 6 batteries - after a while they sit there with the battery meter showing min charge but wont charge further.


    I have also had two machine where I could not access the data in any shape or form when the RAID went belly up

    had to reformat machine, which got the RAID back on-line and restored, but I have lost confidence in them - so just want a machine without the added headache.


    Do you know if the SATA backplane is a direct replacement for the installed RAID card/backplane? Or do I need additional cables to go with it.



    and thanks



  • beatle20359 Level 2 Level 2

    Hi Tony,


    I might have a backplane here.. If you want to give me a call on Wednesday I'll have a look (details are on my profile).. I run 10 xserves with RAID cards and an equal amount without.. Apart from 1 server i've not had an issue with the batteries.. it's the same deal on the MacPro though in terms of them failing.


    The backplane is a direct replacement fro the RAID card. It's not too difficult to do if you've replaced the battery then you've pretty much already done it. No other cables are required, just make sure you remove the battery when you stick it in..


    All the best