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My daughter lost her ipod at a friend's house. I have location services turned on. How do I use find my ipod? Thanks

iPod touch (4th generation), iOS 5
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    - If you turned on the FindMyiPod feature in Settings>iCloud and wifi is on and connected you can go to icloud.com and sign in and then click on FindMyiPhone. The feature can be disabled by turning the iPod off and removed by restoring the iPod.

    - The location will really not help since you know where it is and the location that iCloud givs you is anly a general location. However, yu can make the iPod play a sound (if connected) fid the icloud stite above.

    - Apple will not help

    Reporting a lost or stolen Apple product

    - Report it to the police and change the passwords for all accounts used on the iPod.

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    You must have had "Find my iPhone" enabled on your device to track it. But even with that, it only give you a vague location of the device (not within meters and centimeters from the location), just a general geographical position. But like mentioned by the previous commenter, you can make the iPod make a sound or even remote lock or wipe the information. All this can only be done assuming that "Find my iPhone" was enabled before you lost it. Cheers and good luck finding it!