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    Brilliant - I thought I had killed my Macbook Pro 13. I had installed a RAM upgrade and no power. Even re-installing the old RAM didn't work. After carrying out the instructions I have a working Macbook with more RAM. Thanks

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    Plunjer - Thank you, my friend - worked perfectly.


    Hey Apple - love the products, but am more and more frustrated by your business practices. You make the battery inaccessible to most people and force them to go to a store to fix this simple issue. Thankfully, I have a tiny screwdriiver and I was able to do this. I would guess that most people would just be screwed (ok, pun intended) and forced to pay you more. I assume the next generation will come with screws that only your "geniuses" can remove. You're not wlecome to the idea...


    Just FYI, I used a friends android tablet the other day and I liked it so much, my wife now uses the I-pad (2) and I am the proud owner of a new android tablet.

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    Update 1/12/13


    My computer died again later in the evening on 1/6 and I could not get it restarted / wouldn't boot up - screen dead. I had power (4 green dots) but nothing worked. I didn't want to open up my machine again and reset the battery - I figured this was calling for a trip to the Genius bar.


    On Monday, January 7th, I took my computer in (Macbook Pro - 7 months old) I had an appointment but waited 1/2 hour after my appt before being helped - busy mall and the store was jammed. No worries on the extra wait. The guy who helped me was great and quickly determined I had a dead power button and offered me a few options. The best option was to have it sent in for repair and then have it shipped to my house. He told me approx 3-5 business days.


    On Friday, 1/11 I received a call from Fed Ex - package on the way - needs a signature.

    At 11:00 - I received my computer back. Apple replaced the keyboard and checked for other issues.


    Apple took care of this at no charge to me - all covered under warrantly. They did the job quickly and got me back up and running. 3 cheers for Apple on this - happy customer here.


    I upgraded to I-phone 5 on Friday also and I love it.

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    Your a mofo'in genius.  Thanks man..

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    Hey i have the same problem. When i charge the led lights up but a few minutes later it dies. I have been resetting the smc but after one cycle of charging the problem is again there. And now ive just reset the smc and it worked. But it is kina tiring to reset smc everynow and then. Pls if someone can solve pls. Help me. God bless btw i have mbp 13 late 2011. Core i7

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    Just a word to say that IT WORKED. Thanks so much Plunjer. I am in the middle of a very important project and this was just the worst nightmare... No power, no lights when I pushed the battery tester.


    So I opened it up, did what you recommended. I'm now writing this email on what I thought would be a HUGE headache. (This being the online computer I have at the moment)


    In my case, it happened as I plugged my Ipad mini into the USB port. The other port was connected to a 4-port HUB (mouse, another screen, HDD and Iphone). I guess it's a question of power, but the laptop just shut down! And would not turn on again.


    In any case, I will be very careful with my USB usage from now on...


    Thanks again!!!



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    Happy that this is working for you and some others :)

    I don't think it may be from load usage on the USB ports though, although you never know. If the power requirements being asked of any USB port are too high, you will get a dialogue box warming you of such. When I had this issue, my laptop had been shut down after being used with no issues the night prior. I'm not sure if there is a built in 'interrupt' function if a power surge is detected, just as happens sometimes with the power adapter where you have to unplug it from the outlet for at least a minute to reset it. If your laptop is working fine but won't charge, often this can be the case with the ac adapter.


    (BTW Macdaddy46, you're a prophet ! I hastily 'upgraded' to the 13" MBP Retina and found a proprietary hard drive connector and flash memory drive (only one company other than Apple offers upgrades), no infrared so no more using the Apple Remote, and... You guessed it - torx type screws on the bottom cover !! :D)

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    Is the laptop working fine otherwise ? Is the problem just with charging ? If it starts charging then quits, have you tried unplugging the charger from wall and laptop for a while then trying again ? Problem could lie with the ac charger, battery connector not seated properly, or another issue that an Apple Store might have to dig further into. Also check Apple Support page to see if there are any SMC Firmware updates for your model.

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    My girlfriend using macbook pro 13" mid 2011. She said that it just turned off and can't restart anymore.  The battery indicator is not shown up neither. When I plug-in the charger the battery idicator shows full LED are lighted up.  And, when I pull off the charger while the LED still light up then the LED lights gone off.  No sign of the sceen or any sound.  I had tried to open the bottom case, and did what Plunjer said. Then, nothing showing up. Too bad that she hasn't bought the extended warantee.  any suggestion. 

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    You may have to first try an SMC reset which is covered in support...

    Go through this and see if it applies, and try the procedure mentioned. If everything fails including the reconnecting of the battery lead as I described, then a trip to the Apple Store Genius Bar might be in order. Hopefully an SMC reset can help though. Try that first.

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    Thank you for the procedured, Plunjer.  I'd already tried. In the morning I just took my gf 'mac to the Apple store. Bad news, she has to change the motherboard, and it cost about 650 USD for the exchange one. I will suggest her not to fix it. And, I have plan to pull the data out of her HD, better to find docking HD box.

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    Plunjer your tip was a lifesaver, well at least a 'lot of hours work-saver'. saved a bundle on 'repair' and learned about the innards of my MBP in addition to getting it working again.

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    Hi Plunjer,


    Looking at the resolution you have provided to other users I was wondering if you could help me


    I have MacBook Pro (13-inch Early 2011). Since couple of weeks my Mac suddenly shuts down, when I try to restart it again I am not getting any response, no fan voice, no screen start up, no lights nothing. I read couple of blogs and found that in such situations we should check the battery by pressing the side button however no light flashes there. Since two weeks I am observing that sometimes after 3-4 days when I try to switch on my mac it works perfectly fine and after using it for 1-2 days it again unexpectedly shuts down and if I try to switch on it just after this it is not responding at all. When it is dead and I connect charger to my mac I see only dim green light which is unusual. When it is working and I connect the charger I see the green light as it was before.


    I had also given my mac to Authorized Service Center for repair, they have already reset SMC, PRAM, however my issue isn’t resolved. I told them that this is happening again and again, they are saying that we have checked everything and there are no hardware issues, probably we need to format the entire mac. Update : as on 08/12/13 Now they are saying that since your mac isent starting after removing your battery, it is your logic board issue


    Looking at the problem I described, do you have any suggestion? It seems that the Authorised people do not have any idea about what is happening inside as they are giving different reasons at different times.


    Please suggest.



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    You really saved my life and ofcourse my money!!! Thankyou so much. God bless. xx

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    Sorry I only now saw this as had been traveling extensively.

    I hope you got the issue sorted, especially if the logic board was the problem. I have only once had a logic board issue related to an integrated video card which was covered by Apple even outside warranty since they discovered that certain cards might have caused problems. I was at first going to suggest SMC Reset until I saw that all those things were tried, so perhaps the next logical thing would have been the logic board.

    I'm glad my suggestion worked for so many people, but beyond that, some things are likely best dealt with the Apple Store if it turns out to be a hardware fault.