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i try to build a video learning app. And this will be my first app with the media framework, so i'm not familar with that stuff.

The iOS devices has many different screen resolutions and i wanna have the best result on each device.


So i have to find out:

- which video codec i should use.

- should i deliver video files for each resolution? i think there are 4 diffrent resolutions

- is is better to deliver a special app for the iPad because the video files are much bigger?


I have so many questions an try to find out which is the best way to do the job.


I know that this is not much input but i'm at the beginning and looking for best practice scenarios. I hope my english is not so bad that you cant understand what i need.

iOS 5.1
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    You should use H.264 for the codec. It's probably the most standard codec you'll find in Apple systems and beyond.


    About the resolutions, you'll probably don't need to care much about that. As long as you have a decent resolution, your video should scale well on any device. But, if you really want the best resolution for each device you should look at Apple specs for each device.


    For instance, the iPhone 3GS supports 480p, while the iPhone 4 supports 720p, and the iPhone 4S goes up to 1080p. Both iPads should support 1080p.