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I am considering to get a new Mac.


In that I want to be able to use two seperate operating systems. The Mac operating system and maybe either a windows or linux or an other useful and functional alternative!


The reason for this is, that I have several laptops incl. an iPad. I have concluded that iPad isnt that useful for my needs till now, its not very functional for my needs. I am also going to upgrade my smart mobile still considering functional alternatives (would like to hear yoru thoughts about this as well)!


I want to integrate them into one machine only and utilize cloud  and / or an external Disk, and be better able to use useful apps and software that are not available on either one of the systems on their own my own system!


Usage will be both for biz and private, but at the end usefulness, and functionality will play a big part in my final decision!


Do you think this is practical, useful and cost effective way doing it the way I want to do?

iPad, Other OS
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    Macs can run OS X, and Windows via Boot Camp on a separate partition.


    Alternative for running OSs other than Windows is virtualization


    VMware Fusion

    Parallels Desktop for Mac

    Oracle VirtualBox

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    Thank you for your help.


    I am in need for some user experience, did you do this and what were your experiences?


    What are the reliable alternatives to windows on Mac and how much space does it take?


    Very importantly is it also user geared to exchange files etc via smartphone(any) with the Mac having two differing OS?


    Also, very important is it reliable and secure enough at all?


    As to virtualization, I cant seem to find useful how-to-guides, any suggestions?


    Sorry for the many questions, but there seems to be people with similar issues, your practical response will be useful to many!



    Thank you once again!

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    I never used Boot Camp, but I use virtualization through VMware Fusion. I also played a little bit with VirtualBox.


    Both solutions have pros and cons.

    Main advantage of using Boot Camp is speed.

    Main advantage of virtualization is flexibility. It's possible to run many versions of Windows, not only XP, Vista, 7, Linux, even the old DOS and OS/2 plus many others.


    What do you mean with


    Very importantly is it also user geared to exchange files etc via smartphone(any) with the Mac having two differing OS?


    Windows is secure on a Mac as much as is secure on a PC


    You can find guides at the links I gave you in my previous post.

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    Thank you once again for your support, I am sure your advise will be very useful for many in my situation!


    What I meant with the above is, that its important for me to have something that is effective and user centred - meaning able to meet my needs as I want it to be(private & biz), also it should be cost effective too, and minimal on regular maintainance - whatever that can mean in the kin dof system I want to create to meet my own needs.


    I want to use my smartphone(I will get a new one, not yet decided which one), or maybe something that is between a smarphone and a table, a recent one I saw 1/6 the size of an iPad to exchange files quickly between my Mac(I will also get a new one). Therefore, functionality/value for money, realibility will play a big part in getting to a decision on this.


    Whats the likely hood of froozen screens / unexpected crashes, and are you able to use the differing OS at the same time?

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    If you keep your computer in good shape, that is, use it wisely, your computer will thank you, and you'll be a happy user


    Macs and Apple devices, iPhones, iPads, are the perfect match. It's not always true with the competition devices and Macs.


    Virtual machines rarely are able to tear down the entire system, unless there are some serious problems with kernel extension aka drivers that the main virtualization program installs. In fact a virtual machine is to all effects an application that can be killed if it misbehave.

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    I don't use very much VMware. As a matter of fact, the only reason I have Windows in a virtual machine is to check and remove viruses from customers' PCs or visiting IE only internet sites

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    My reason for wanting to have windows on my Mac is to be able to utilize, some applications that are not available for Mac OS!


    In the past I raised few points relating to that, and wasnt able locate details to consider to have only a Mac system. Thats why I had to have few laptops to handle all! I got myself an iPad(1) but again it didnt met the exact needs that I have!


    Thats why I am going to integrate all in one new system(Mac), and exchange and process while on the road via smartphone or something that is between a smartphone and tablet!


    As to smartphones; I hear positive notes on iPhone, but seems to have some issues with its antena, the new Moterola seems great to exchange files anywhere, and the new Samsung Galaxy, very advanced. However what I lack at this stage is user experiences to see if any of them can meet my needs, and what the best combination could be for efficiency, speed and value for money(laptop, operating sytem, smartphone).


    I am tired of crashes, frozen screens, or not able to open files or pics because they are not compatible in some ways! I try to maintain, clean and update my systems, but some stuff does comes in between despite all!


    Anyhow, thank you for your support, I will try to do some reading on the keywords you used, I might get back to you for some more leads!


    Thank you once again!:)