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For our new podcast “ The Key To China” we wish to do some episodes in English and some other ones in Spanish

We need some suggestion on how to introduce / present  to the listeners !!

One option is to have from our webpage

  1. www.TheKeyToChina.net  2  podcast,
    means  2 links to subscribe

one link for Spanish and one link for English 

however….  This could confuse listeners!!


Any ideas and/or suggestions??




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    Frankly I would do this as two separate podcasts. You have to remember that subscribers get each new episode downloaded automatically, so if you do it as one podcast your English-speaking subscribers won't thank you to have to download 50% of their episodes in Spanish, and vice versa.


    Treat each version as a separate podcast with a separate feed, submitted separatey to the store: and a link to each on the web page - I can't see that confusing anyone.

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    thanks for your opinion!!

      I think  u have a good point!!!


    Changing topic, do you have any tips on  how to add  the Title of Podcast  on Itunes??

    for some reason our podcast in Itunes shows as "No Tiltle"

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    The title of the podcast is carried in the 'title' tag, but I assume that you aren't handwriting your feed; so you will need to look for the place in the program or service you are using to enter the title - there is certain to be one.