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  • Pedronsky Level 1 Level 1

         Ok, I've been using the magic trackpad for two days now without problems. Apparently the erratic behavior its gone but I can't be sure of that...


         I keep thinking that its a software glitch. When I first post my issue here I didn't use OSX anymore because I have bootcamp and in that moment I needed to use Windows (which I use with a regular mouse, not the magic trackpad) so, after two or three days using windows, like I said before, I decided to go back to Lion and apparently the issue has gone. Of course I'm scared that the crazy behavior start any moment but by the moment its all good.



    P.S: Sorry for my lame English and any grammatical mistake.

  • ChrisUtzig Level 1 Level 1

    Until about 30 seconds ago I was experiencing the same issue.


    Apply pressure evenly across the trackpad.


    For now at least, that worked. It is working just as well as when I first got it 11 months ago.

  • Babio Level 1 Level 1

    upgraded to mountain lion 10.8 and this resolved the tackpad issue.

  • GarrySStanley Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for this solution


    Solved my issue completely

  • Jessicardo Level 1 Level 1

    Yup, same thing just happened to me and it was raining today so i may have dropped liquid on the trackpad or something. I tried the SMC reset, it lasted for like 2minutes. i then tried the 3 finger on each hand pressure on the track pad and it last for like 15 minutes and just re-occured and erased this message i was typing, but i quickly did the pressure again and then ctrl+z to put back this mesage and post. I will thoroughly clean my trackpad later, but for now the pressure pad works .

  • Jessicardo Level 1 Level 1

    I really don't want to lose my laptop cuz im almost done with several mobile apps and without this laptop i'll be in serious trouble.

  • epollux Level 1 Level 1



    I have had the same issue last week with my MBP 2009.

    I have Mountain Lion.

    I have reboot my mac, did the SMB thing, did the long press, cleaned my trackpad - no results. Still not working.


    Finally I took it to the Genius Bar, they put a new trackpad, cost me ±£50.


    The trackpad was damaged. I reckon it was damaged as I used it as one of my finger was still wet with Antiseptics looked like it killed the trackpad.


    Good lesson.

  • anon1010 Level 1 Level 1

    Same problem. It's weird that we all started having the same problem at the same time with different Macbook Pros and OSs.  Rebooting only helps for a few seconds. I'm not convinced that his isn't a virus. Even as I type random screens are opening. Old style USB mouse works fine.

  • eviefoo Level 1 Level 1

    I'm having problems clicking on the trackpad - I plugged in a USB mouse and this won't click either.

    I have tried repairing disks, applied pressure evenly across pad, loosened the screw underneath, cleaned it, taken the battery out to check if it's swollen.

  • LePrice Level 1 Level 1

    This helped me too, Squeegy200! I just ran the SMC and everything worked out fine! Thanks!


  • Dave9898 Level 1 Level 1

    my Macbook air idk i guess u can call it the first generation but anyways i had my back display repaired because of the hinges broke. I treat it with alot of respect, the guy at the apple store said they were broken so he said it was going to be no charge so i said go ahead and fix the problem.  so he tooke the computer and he told me that if any of the people working o the computer saw anything wrong with it they would fix it. i wish i never took it there bcause NOW my computer is more broken then it was. the track pad is jumpy and it is clicking everywhere and the cap light keeps turning on and of but its not doing anything and the most annoying thing is that some of the keys don't work sometimes... im very confused can anyone help and also i backed up everything onto a 500gb hard drive and idk how to reload eveything back on...

  • con56 Level 1 Level 1

    Two months ago my trackpad started behaving erractically as well.  I tried everything from cleaning the pad to repairing the disk. Some things worked for a short while. But the problem would come back on and off.  When I took it to the Genius bar, they found nothing wrong but they re-booted my MBP and that appeared to have resolved the problem. My trackpad has been working well since then...until now.  Today the trackpad started behaving erratically again. After reading some of the posts, I decided to try some of the advice offered.  Nothing worked except hitting the trackpad.  This seems to have corrected the problem. Since this worked for me, I'm guessing this is a hardware problem. I don't know how long it will last, but the trackpad is working perfectly now.  Good luck everyone!

  • bbrowett Level 1 Level 1

    Many thanks to everyone to the original poster and all who replied.


    I too have been afflicted with a bouncing or dead Trackpad cursor, or on occasion a cursor that seemed to have a mind of its own on a 13” MBP (Early 2009) running OS X 10.8.1.


    After all is said and done, in my case, and I suspect many of the other cases, the primary cause of the problem, appears to be “dust”, “dirt”, or some foreign object that changes the conductivity of the Trackpad.


    NOTE:  At no point could I see any “dust”, “dirt”, or some foreign stuff on or in the grove around the Trackpad.


    Which is to say, what worked for me was to tap, shake, and gently bang around the Trackpad while holding it in just about every orientation I could think of ... before the Trackpad began to work properly again.


    After many years of working with electronics ... “fixing” a problem this way either points to “dirt” in a place it should not be, or a bad/cracked contact that would likely require the replacement of the Trackpad.  For those cases where the Trackpad was replaced, it could have been that the offending “dirt” was dislodged during the repair ... i.e., the repair was not needed ... just cleaning inside around the Trackpad.


    Good Luck, and again thanks to all. 

  • Braunzo Level 1 Level 1

    Ok... Well... I have a MBP from about 2010 and my trackpad is very glitchy. It had been glitchy for two weeks before I finally had the opportunity to take it to a service center. Prior to that I tried the SMC reset, checking to see if my battery was swollen, I cleaned the track pad, I applied pressure to the track pad, I checked my sensitivity settings. It's erratic when it's plugged it, when it's not plugged in, when I'm at home, work, wherever.


    I took it to a service center and they called me the next day and said they couldn't find a single thing wrong with it. I was pretty peeved as I drove an hour to drop this thing off and pick it up. I tested it in the shop and sure enough, it worked fine.


    Fast forward to about two weeks later and it's erratic again. It lasts about a week and a half before the track pad is working fine. And here we are today, about two weeks later and the pad is jumping all over the place again. I have to lower my sensitivity on my trackpad all the way and use a USB mouse to even get this thing to function. The USB mouse works fine, but you can tell when the track pad is interfering with it.


    I don't know if this is software or what, but I'm really growing more and more aggitated. It's next to impossible to use Logic or other programs with a mouse that jumps all over the place.


    And for what it's worth, I'm still using Snow Leopard.

  • mollbee Level 1 Level 1

    I recently had trackpad problems on my late 2009 MacBook pro ~ uncontrollable cursor and all that ~ and went to an Apple store. Of course, the problem was not showing up while I was there. But, the technician reset the SMC anyway (I had already done that but the fix only lasted a matter of minutes) and checked a few other things, all of which seemed ok to him. I also asked him about Bluetooth, because the first time my trackpad went AWOL was in a coffeehouse with many other laptop users nearby. I had been in the habit of leaving Bluetooth on regardless of whether I was using my wireless mouse or not. He agreed that my Mac could be picking up signals from other Bluetooth devices. Even at home, with no other Bluetooth connections active, the trackpad remained dysfunctional. So, since the SMC reset, I've also kept Bluetooth off and haven't even used my own wireless mouse (almost afraid to try) and the trackpad has continued to function normally.

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