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OK here what happen my son got a hold of my Apple IPad classic 120 G and wipe the whole thing clean,, running win7


I tried already Screen Blank Nothing At All,

1-------Plug into usb will not reconize, sync up, or even see that the usb even in the computer,,

2 ------- hold center button and menu at the same time for over a min as stated in the repair forums, should of got the logo, NO got nothing at all,

it wont even show it charging I let it sit for a day and I seen a battery came up as if it was about to die, that all


now if this was a computer they have flash the bois,,,, then add your programs to work it,,, 


Is the a flash for this IPad or what do I have to do to fix this

iPod classic
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    Have you plugged the iPod into a wall outlet or other USB charger for an hour or so, then attempted to reboot the device while still plugged in?  At the very least, the iPod should display some sort of icon, such as a frowning folder or a folder with an exclamation mark to let you know there's a problem with the Operating System.  If the screen shows absolutely nothing, but the device is charged, and no PC will see it when connected to a USB port, then there's likely some sort of failure that only Apple themselves can fix.  If that's the case, schedule an appointment at your local Apple Store's Genius Bar, and they should be able to determine the problem and recommend a fix.


    Be aware that since the iPod is likely out of warranty, you will have to pay for any parts or service needed outside the basic Genius Bar diagnostics.

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    thanks for the help,,

    the Ipad was fully charge I just let it sit on to see if it would show a dieing battery,,


    No PC will see it when connected to usb I tried 3 computers,,,


    yes it just went out of the warranty but called the apple people they gave me this link and told me too see what the good people here have to say 1st,   then she said the samething as you did take it to the store were the store could boot it up, if it's bootable for free,


    so just doing thing 1 by 1 to get the right thing


    Also if we did get it to work here I was hoping to share and help the "how too" for other people to learn, so far the answer is take it to the store.....

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    Sure thing.  Well, it certainly sounds like a hardware issue if your iPod Classic is charged, but doesn't show up on any computers.  Just as a last resort, do you have a different USB Syncing cable for the iPod you could try, to see if it's the cable itself?  If that doesn't work, then yes, I'd recommend scheduling a Genius Bar appointment to get it looked at.