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Hi All,


I have created a 5 minute video in Motion that has a ton of pictures, motion, and behaviors added. Everytime I try to export in either Motion, or FCP, it crashes.


I am able to drag the .motn file into Compressor and have been compressing to Pro Res 4444, but the finished product inevitably has "rendering errors" that pop up throughout the clip.


What should I do? Break the .motn file in three, maybe? If so, how can I cut and then paste in Motion?


Thanks for your help, oh and always, this is due tomorrow




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    so you've tried to Share from motion strainght to proRes?


    I guess i would create a copy of the file and keep deleting things till it worked and see if that item had a problem. Stills can be a problem, i've had issues with jpegs and native psd files, that open and play fine but then corrupt at export. Often simply opening them in some app and resaving is enough to get rid of the problem. Or save as pngs and reconnect the media within Motion.


    Did you clear the RAM cache before exporting, i think this could cause problems.



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    Thanks for your help! Think it was just that a few of the pics were extremely high res, or that they were .bmp,s, etc. In any case, all set! Thanks for your reply!