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First off, everytime I've tried motion tracking in a video I actually wanted to use it in (not an easy practice tutorial video) I never had it work properly.


I am building a tutorial for students in my class on how to register on a few websites we commonly use. All I want to do is have the mouse cursor highlighted or stand out in some form.


I wanted to motion track my cursor, then pick a shape and have it match move. Unfortunately the motion tracking didn't follow my mouse.


Does anyone else have any advice? It would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

  • 2hottay Level 1 Level 1

    Any input would be great! Is there anything else to use besides a program like mousepose?

  • Adam Scoffield Level 4 Level 4



    what did you do to track the mouse, perhaps someone could help with that.


    or you could just keyframe the position of your shae over the mouse.



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    I used the Track Motion behavior and put it on the mouse pointer. I thought I was going to run into problems when the mouse cursor turned into a finger when I scrolled over a link but it didn't even follow the mouse cursor when it started to move.


    If that worked I was going to make a the shape/image I wanted to track/follow the mouse and match move it to the mouse tracking.


    I suppose I could go keyframe by keyframe, do you suggest that is the best method?


    Thanks for the response Adam!

  • Adam Scoffield Level 4 Level 4

    how many tracking points did you use to track the mouse? Does the mouse have sufficient contrast from its background?


    if there is a lot of random movement you might need to keyframe a lot, if its gentle you could get away with less. make your shape as big as you can then you dont have to track the mouses moevments exactly.