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    Mine has 2.5GB of RAM and SL. I found it was too slow with Lion when I installed that on an external FireWire drive and used it as a boot disk. My white MacBook is banged up - stress cracks on the case and everything but it still keeps on going, although the fan is on its way out again (second time).


    5+ years old and it keeps on going.

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    Your 2006 MB should work fine with both SL and Lion. 2.5 GB should be enough for a good run. Perhaps you should clean up your system, perhaps a new, fresh install. Check what apps start up at login, they often lead to slow behavior. Check their compatibility with the system. Do not install apps, which dig deep into the system on the (false) assumption they do good, they often do no good at all, just load the system with useless tasks.

    p.s. Lion may not be compatible with your machine, if a 2006 one. Why did you install Lion there? Because it refuses to install unto the internal disk? (this is normal, some 2006 machines accept SL at the most). A ‘late 2006 MB’ should work just fine with both SL and Lion.

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    my apologies from bringing this thread back from the grave haha, but this week I bought from eBay a used MacBook from 2008, (4,1 model) with 4 GBs of RAM and a brand new battery and MagSafe charger as well, I bought this model since I'm on a budget and I needed a laptop to carry with my all day on univ. So far I can tell its a wonderful machine I haven't yep upgraded to Lion since I need some PowerPC apps and Lion does not support the PowerPC arch anymore, so I'm running this baby on Snow Leopard 10.6.8. Now I leave the question how many years do you think these white MacBooks will last! Being honest my univ has a media lab full with PowerMac G4's!!! still up and running haha and many colleagues are n PowerBooks G4s


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    I have this same late 2006 model. I upgraded my RAM which made a big difference. Unfortunately I crashed my hard drive last night. I ordered a new 500GB which I'm excited about. My optical drive went out and I have been using an extrnal dvd drive. Not really sure if that's going to make it challenging to install the os x. I have a snow leopard cd I bought, that's what I was running on my macbook before I crashed my hd.

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    I know this tread is old but maybe someone is still listening


    I own an old macbook2,1


    I upgraded from the tiny original drive to a much larger hybrid drive a few years ago. Now I would like to replace the drive with a SSD but apparently the drive is not seen by the macbook. The SSD drive works when connected to other PCs or Macs, though. If I boot the macbook while pressing TAB, the SSD is not available.


    The SSD is currently a clone of the previous HDD (same content, same partition nunmber and same partition size).


    Thoughts anyone?

    Thank you very much in advance for your help.



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