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i am trying to backup my iphone, i dont know where the backup files and how could i know if it did backup?

it doesnt give any messege when its done backup and it doesnt take a seconds !!

and then trying to transfer purchases it give this messege


when i choose store > authorize this computer gives this messege


but actually it didnt and gives the same first messege !!


i want to restore my iphone but without loosing applications and information.

what should i do ?

iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1
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    Are you sure you are authorizing your computer for the correct ID?  Go to your music library for the problem song(s) such as the one listed in the error message, right-click on the song and select Get Info, on the Summary tab look for Account Name.  This will be the Apple ID that needs to be authorized on your computer.  (You can view the list of items the warning is referring to by clicking on the "+" sign on the lower left of the warning message.)

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    i couldnt find any account name in the music library so i went to app library and the account name is the same one that i am trying to transfer to but same problem.


    what about the backup, i got 14 GB and i want to backup it but when i do it dosent take a seconds, how do i know if it did backup all the 14 GB.?

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    Sorry, my mistake, it's the songs on your phone that you need to have the ID for, not the ones in your iTunes library (they aren't in your library yet).  There must be a number of them on your phone that were purchased under an Apple ID that your computer is not yet authorized for.  You may have purchased them earlier under an older Apple ID or they were purchsed under somone else's ID.  In either case, you won't be able to transfer them to your library until your computer is authorized for the Apple ID used to purchase them.


    As for the backup, it doen't include your iTunes media (like all your music, videos, etc.), so it would be considerably smaller than the 14GB being used on your phone.  The backup is only there to restore your phone.  It doesn't back up the iTunes media because that is already on your computer and can be restored to your phone from there.  It also doesn't include your email and certain other data.  To see what is included in the backup, see http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4946.