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iChat - I can make an outgoing video call but incoming video invitations are not connecting. 

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    Check your Firewall and or router.


    The Firewall (If ON) works on the basis that you can call out but the incomming stuff gets Blocked if an App is NOT allowed.


    The same can be true of the router.

    If you don't specifically Open the Ports it can take the outgoing part to "open" them and accept incomiong data on the same port.


    The Mac Firewall is in System Preferences > Security > Firewall

    If ON you need the Options or Advanced button depending on OS version

    In here you need to had "Allowed Signed Software and added iChat to the List.


    In the router you may need to engage  UPnP if the device has it.

    If not then you need to open:-

    iChat 4 and 5 Ports for iChat
    ServiceTCP PortsUDP Ports
    iChat over AIM51905190
    Bonjour52985297, 5298, 5353
    Jabber5220, 5222, 5223No ports
    A/V PortsNo ports5678, 16393-16402



    Note this is the iChat 4 and 5 Range Add port 5060 UDP for iChat 2 and 3 and extend the group of 10 to 16384-16403 (20 ports)  iChat 4 and 5 also uses an undeclared Random port to do the Screen Sharing part and works if you can and do use UPnP (Or Port Mapping Protocol) to open ports in your routing device.



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