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Quick question, hopefully easy solution.

When I plug my TB Displays into my macbook pro, of which one of the TB displays has an ethernet cable connected from it to my airport base station, is there any way to automate it switching to using ethernet instead of wifi?  Currently, it continues to use the wifi connection unless I turn wifi off from the menubar - that's when the ethernet will kick in.  Often I forget, and only notice when files are transferring from my server considerably slower.


Thanks, Ron

Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    If you are doing these operations by opening system preferences and changing the network settings, then you could write a GUI applescript for automator and make a service for the switching. 


    There may be other ways, for example, a shell script to change the network settings.


    These are the first methods that came to my mind.  But don't ask me to tell you how to do it.

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    Easy, just go to Network Preferences whist connected via Display Ethernet and click the small triangle at the bottom, and select 'Set Service Order…' then drag the Display Ethernet to the top.

    Now when you're plugged in via your TB screen, it will pick Ethernet first, and will switch to Wi-Fi when on the road.


    Bear in mind, your Wi-Fi will still be connected but for the most part will be ignored as the Mac will use the Ethernet first and only use Wi-Fi if you have a different route table setup, which is unlikley given that you are plugged in directly to the Airport

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    Excellent, thank you....  I'm visiting San Diego until Monday but will try it as soon as I get home to Portland.

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    Yeah, appears to be working out great, thanks again man.