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I need to make a video presentation and would like to do it on my iPad.


I have to categories of videos: Testimonials and Case Studies. Each category contains 10 mp4 videos.


I'd like to be able to play them all sequentially (without having to start each one manually). But I also need to be able to select a specific video manually and play it.


Any suggestions on how this should be setup? Also, should I use iDVD somehow to create an interface with a menu?





iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
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    If you want to make a DVD, then iDVD is what you need.


    iMovie iOS will allow you to edit the videos together (if they are in the correct format and imported into the camera roll / camera app).


    There is no way to make a chaptered video in iMovie iOS.

    I suggest you get iMovie Mac or create seperate videos and one whole combined video.

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    I do lots of this.


    This job is difficult to do with iPad.  For video editing I use a Mac Pro, iMovie 06, with iDVD 11.


    My movies look like they came from Hollywood.