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Hey mate, I have a quick question with finishing off my DVD.
What are the best settings for creating a normal dvd.


I have created a long film using my Canon DSLR, I have exported my film through compressor in 16:9 and imported it in DVD studio pro. I have used the 16:9 letterbox settings in DVD studio pro and burnt a disk, and when I play it back some DVD players make it look like it is squished horizontally so that everything looks fat, some dvd players automatically adjust and some you have to change some settings to make it look normal. What is the best way to make it look standard widescreen and not require any adjustments on the DVD players.


Am I correct in saying that by exporting it as 16:9 in compressor it makes it widescreen and then by selecting 16:9 in DVD studio pro it doubles the letterbox format and then looks squished, hence I should select 4:3 in DVD studio pro? Not sure here.


I would really appreciate any help anyone can give me, my film is stuck as a result of this problem. PLEASE help me.
Cheers mate,