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To repeat:  why has Apple not provided for the iPad an ability to print text on paper?  I just bought a Canon PIXMA MP495 because Apple and Canon both stated in various messages that one can print things from an iPad.  But after struggling with installation procedures I have found very difficult to perform I see that the driver has to be installed through a Windows-based personal computer (PC) before the printer can be used for anything, then it can be used with the iPad ONLY TO PRINT PHOTOS!  Yes, it can be used to print texts from my PC, but I bought an iPad to escape that discipline!

    Apple has produced a fine product that should enable anyone to get more things done more conveniently and more quickly.  The iPad can unseat PCs, nay it should.  

    One more thing: in the following box I am able to tell you that I am using the latest OS version!

Sent 201204241836


Attempted to send to Canon 201204261217 Their "Contact us" rejected my attempt:

Your [PIXMA MP495] product description gave me the impression I would be able to print text and photos from my iPad, so I bought one from WalMart.  When I opened the package I learned that it can be installed only from the CD included with the printer.  My purpose in buying the iPad then the PIXMA MP495 was to abandon the MS Windows arena altogether.  Now I find that I cannot, apparently because neither Canon or Apple have failed individuals such as myself by providing the driver or whatever is needed for iPad users.  Surely anything that has been done for MS Windows can be done for iPad, please do so. 



I do want to know why APPLE with their brilliant iPad and iPod offerings do not understand -or seem even to recognize- that users want, even need, to print on paper.  Such is and has always been one reason I have used personal computers for more than 30 years.  It is very frustrating that I cannot make such use of such an otherwise fine product. 

   I, and every other user of an iPad or iPod deserve a direct answer AND SOLUTION from APPLE. 

iPad, iOS 5.0.1
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    Here is the list of AirPrint enabled printers, and I don't see your printer on it.  Canon does a poor job of labeling their boxes so that you know what you are getting.



    If it is brand new, take it back, and get a printer that is AirPrint emabled. 


    If you decide to keep the printer, you will need an app such as print and share or printopia from the app store that will send the print job through your computer.  There are a number of such apps.  Read the reviews to find the one you want.


    Apple, and several printer manufacturers know that you want to print, and have a universal driver called AirPrint that works very well.  There are around 100 printers available that sport the standard.  You seem to have chosen one that does not.  If you can, revisit wal Mary and change it out for one on the list.

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    This response is NOT AT ALL SATISFACTORY!!!  Apple and Canon are both remiss in this matter.  There is NO REASON why neither will make it possible for an iPad or iPod to do the same kind of work a MS Windows PC can do.  That is the reason I spent over $600 to switch to what is otherwise a superior computing and writing tool. 


       APPLE and CANON are both failing to serve their customers in this matter.  Both should give corporate replies to this complaint.  I have no idea who "pjl123" is and don't care.  Give us products that eliminate the need to use anything else.

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    This is a user forum. If you want to give feedback to Apple you can use the forms provided here:




    If you just bought your Canon PIXMA MP495 then you should consider exchanging it for a printer on this list:




    Canon has a bunch of comparable printers.


    There's more information here:



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    Telling someone who is trying to help you that their response is unsatisfactory isn't very nice.


    Keep it friendly. We are users just like you who are simply trying to help.


    If you have questions for Canon, check out: http://www.usa.canon.com/cusa/consumer/standard_display/support


    In that link there is a list of select printers which yours is not a part of.


    I'd suggest following any of the advice given above.




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    I am trying to register complaint and criticism of the firms that have not served their customers well.  I appreciate any efforts you and other members of this community trying to help; suggestiions that the customer/consumer must solve the problem are not beneficial.

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    Well then you are posting in the wrong area which is what everyone is telling you. This is merely a user forum which Apple does not interact with.


    What are you trying to get from us then?


    If there isn't a question or something we as users can help you with, I guess I don't understand the purpose of your posting here.

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    BobbyGRASP wrote:


    I am trying to register complaint and criticism of the firms that have not served their customers well.  I appreciate any efforts you and other members of this community trying to help; suggestiions that the customer/consumer must solve the problem are not beneficial.

    Beneficial or not, it is the reality. You bought a printer that is not compatable with the iPad. You need one that is either AirPrint ready, or you mightncheck the app store to see ifmCanon offers a print app.


    This is NOT the place to register a complaint and criticism.