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iPhone 4s does only partial calendar sync with outlook via USB ?

Contact sync is fine.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1
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    Which way is the calendar sync failing?

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    Calendar sync fails in both directions; test entries in either iphone 4S or PC do not get synced?

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    There are some troubleshooting steps in this article that might help:  http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1692.

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    Thanks for the tips. Did not work... I uninstalled iTunes and all associaterd programs, re-installed, reset sync history, deleted Calendar off iPhone and re-synced. No transfer of Calendar! The strange thing is that all Contact items still sync perfectly fine? I don't know who might have a solution? Please help!

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    Still no help, no sulution to Apple iPhone sync problems with Calendar...? I wish someone from Apple, or someone with specific knowledge could help! Windows XP Professional, Outlook 2003 to iPhone 4S (2012) does not communicate any Calendar entries between the two machines.

    Strange thing is that it worked when iPhone was newly purchased for about a month, then stopped??

    Even stranger is that Contacts get synced just fine between the two machines?

    Anyone who could help, please post your comments in Apple Support Discussions

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    iPhone 4s

    Outlook 2010

    Windows 7


    I have lost all calendar items for the past 7 months in the last sync I did (a week ago).

    If I select 'sync all events' on my iPhone 4s, theoretically shouldn't all entries end up on my Outlook calendar on my PC and the calendar on my phone?

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    It's agony! Contacts sync between iPhone and Outlook 2007 both ways, no problem. How is it possible that Calendar does nothing???! Can anyone figure it out? I have tried Restore, Reset, re install of iTunes - nothing!

    It's too frustrating!

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    To be absolutely honest with you, I don't think that Outlook 2003 is supported anymore for syncing. Let me check that out and I'll get back to you.

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    Sorry, I was incorrect. Outlook 2003 is still supported. You discuss doing a number of things, did you try running scanpst.exe on your Outlook pst data file? There may be a calendar entry made just about the time the problem occurred that is corrupt and is blocking the sync. Think about an entry you may have made, especially one that is recurring that was made about that time. Also one thing that can cause trouble is an appointment that has a reminder/alert set on it that has a value of zero minutes, in an effort to not have an alert. Try setting it to None if there is one like that. You can see that in Outlook itself, not on the phone.


    Let me know if any of that helps.

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    Finally the right answer! Thank you so much for your advise!

    In Outlook 2003 I had aseveral resurring Calendar entries that caused trouble because the reminder/alert setting was at "None" instead of any desired time. The check mark for "Reminder" was on but the value was "zero" - causing the sync troubles. I changed the reminder time to "5 min" (or I would think of you do not select a reminder for a recurring event it would be the same) - it all work again and Calendars on my PC and my iPhone sync perfectly again!

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    None of these solutions have worked for me.  Originally iTunes would back-up my phone, but then not be able to detect it when I went to sync.  I uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes and the AppleSync software, and then I finally erased my iPhone and gave up on the back-up (thinking it must be corrupt).


    Starting over fresh, I can now sync, but some events just do not sync.  I notice that the ones that will not sync show up as gray, and the black events sync just fine, but I cannot determine how I enter an event differently to get it to show as black (and thus sync to or from the phone).  I cannot sync these events either way.


    I tried deleting the device syns histories, and running the scanpst.exe.  I found some minor inconsistancies and repaired them, but still not syncing new events either direction.  Help!


    I also tried setting the alert settings, no good.


    I did not have any of these problems prior to the most recent iPhone software update...