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Okay, got two old-school CDs last weekend and put them onto the not one but two of my iMacs. Same problem with both. All 2+ hours of hard rock goodness are on both computers but there is no way I can get them onto my iPod Touch. I've tried to "Add Playlist...." from the iPod (actually two different iPods) but no songs from the two CDs show up anywhere. They don't exist. Not the songs, artist or album.


And when I physically sync up the Touch to either computer, I get the same message when I hit the "Music" tab on the iPod Touch Window.


iTunesd Match is on

Brian's Newest iPod can access music from iCloud. Songs can be downloaded from a Wi-fi or a cellular network.


And then it gives me the options to Sync all the voice memos. Gosh! Thanks!!


I suspect the iTunes really doesn't have it completely out for AC/DC because I put the Iron Man 2 CD onto the computer a couple months back and that shows up on the iPod Touch. But nothing for "Dirty Deeds"  or "Back in Black".


If you all can't think of what I'm doing wrong, can you at least tell me where the problem is: iCloud or Music Match or something else. I got the whole sha-bang with my two new Macs at the beginning of the month. So far, I am not completely convinced that spending the money was worth it.


My Wife is completely sure she's as annoyed as **** that all of my music has appeared on her computer, giving her a buttload of duplicate songs. Like most of her Music Library is one duplicate after another. Can I opt out just her computer and which part am I opting out of.


Right now, it all just seems like a pain in the butt.


Thanks for any words of wisdom.



20 , Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Okay, lots of views but no ideas on how to fix it. Could you tell me if I can turn off iCloud with just one computer as an experiment?

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    I don't use iTunes Match but having fought with Windows Media Player in the past I do recall that the / in AC/DC can cause problems with tagging systems. WMP created separate duplicate entries for the bands AC and DC. It's just possible a similar issue causes the data to be seen as "wrong" in some fashion and then ignored. You could test what happens if you rename the band as AC-DC for say one album, and then try again.



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    Huh. I renamed my playlist "AACCDDCCC" and I immediately go the little cloud symbol right next to the playlist. Not sure what this means as I still can't get the new songs onto the iPod. Interesting though.