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I can hear the organ sound playing with capital lock on, I see the VU at the left of the track ( at place of no. of the track ) but no sound ! Did I get something wrong ?

Macbook pro, Mac OS X (10.6.5)
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    kleddo3 wrote:


    I can hear the organ sound playing but no sound ! Did I get something wrong ?

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    So you hear the organ, if you use the caps lock keyboard, but no sound if using an external keyboard? This can be related to the MIDI channel the external keyboard is using. The evb3 reacts to MIDI channel 1-3.

    Here are 2 tools, which allows you to check your MIDI setup:




    Hope this helps,


    Da Captain

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    Thank you DaCaptain, but all I do is with Logic only. So... my midi data is on the track which instrument on is EVB3 ( jazz organ ).  When I start sequencer ( play) I can see the little led like VU meter at the left of the name of the track ( in place of track number ) but can't hear no sound. While if I play with computer caps lock keyboard, then I can hear sound .



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    As DaCaptain has said, the EVB3 will only respond to MIDI Channels 1, 2 or 3.

    Since your setup works when using the CapsLock keys (which will be on Ch 1), your controller keyboard is probably transmitting on some other channel. You will therefore have recorded the MIDI notes with the wrong channel assignment.


    To check:


    A) select the region on the Organ track, open the Event list and look to see what MIDI channel the note events are currently on. If they are NOT on Ch 1, 2 or 3, select them all and change them to channel 1.




    B) to check the transmission channel of your keyboard controller, use the Transport MIDI activity display (this one shows note events on MIDI channel 2

    Transport ch2.jpg


    You will either need to change the transmit channel on your controller (consult the manual for the controller), or change Logic so that the EVB will work for you.


    You could do this several ways: Environment mods, change the EVB instrument channel from ALL MIDI to ch 1 etc etc etc.









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    The MIDI channel is disregarded by the evb3, if you set the keyboard mode to split or single.

    To change the keyboard mode, you need to open this drawer by pressing the button below the Volume control on the evb3 UI. The wooden shell will roll down and at the bottom you'll see some fields in light mint color. There you'll find the keyboard mode menu. Click on it to switch thru the 3 different option.




    Da Captain