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I have a QuickTime 7 registration.  The registration windows shows I have QuickTime 7 Pro.  The Pro features are not enabled.  Is anyone else having this problem?


Here is my registration.  None of the Pro features are available.


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    It would appear that you have not entered the registration number you received in that registration window. I just checked mine, and it does show that number in the "Registration code" box. Enter the registration number you received via email in that box.


    You can leave the "Organization" box blank.


    And, just a comment - after you do that, if you post a pic of that window it would be a good idea to mask out the registration number, so that someone else can't use it.

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    I did enter all of the registration information and in my original post, I included a screen shot of the registration window which shows the QuickTime symbol with the PRO designation.  I did blank out the registration number and it is the correct registration number

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    On many installations, there will be an item in the Applications folder named QuickTime Player and another in the Utiities folder named QuickTime Player 7.


    These are not the same. The Pro registration applies only to QuickTime Player 7 and not to the other one.


    When you are using QuickTime Player and are not being able to access the Pro features, what is the name shown in the Application menu?


    If it is this -

    Screen Shot 2012-05-02 at 01.18.56 .png

    then you are not running QuickTime Player 7, and will not have the Pro features available.


    If it is this -

    Screen Shot 2012-05-02 at 01.20.41 .png

    then you are running QuickTime Player 7 and should have the Pro features available.


    I noticed on my machine running OS X 10.7.3 that when I double-clicked a .mov file, the default app for opening that kind of file is QuickTime Player (not QTP7). This caused a few problems for me until I figured out there were two apps, and what the difference was between them.


    If I want the file opened in QTP7 I need to open it from within the program, by dropping it onto the icon for QTP7, or by changing the "Open using" designation in the Get Info window for that file to QuickTime Player 7.


    This can be set on a per-file basis by making that selection for each such file, or for all of the same type by making it once and then clicking the "Change all..." button just under that selection.

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    I came back a couple of days later and started QuickTime 7 and now all the Pro features work.  In between the last time I tried and the next time, the program started working correctly.