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Morning all


We have two suites of apple mac's and we have an apple server (mac mini)


They are all running Mac OSX SL 10.6.8


Basically I'd like the server to add an icon to a network share onto each dock so that I don't have to visit each and everyone manually.


The guy who used to admin the mac's has left so I'm left to learn everything mac and at present I can only basically use a mac (i'm keen and learning). He used to copy a link over manually somehow I don't know, but the file is a .app file which I believe he placed into the applications folder and ran it like that. I've tried this and it doesnt work.


Also he has somehow locked the desktops down so that all the menus are greyed out. The "Go" menu is completely greyed out. He's left instructions on how to unrestrict by using a specific username and password. Even under administrator they are unrestricted.


Can someone help me step by step so that I can try to understand please?


I'm a PC admin so I am a very new to the MAC scene.


Thanks for taking the time to read!

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    You can set the items that are in the dock on each user account by adding them in the Workgroup Manager.

    On the server, open up Workgroup Manager.

    You'll need to figure out if the previous admin has restricted access to items on a group level basis, or on a user level basis.

    The most efficient way to apply these preferences is on a group level basis, so I'll post instructions here with that assumption.



    Log into the workgroup manager directory and click on the groups button.

    At the top of the screen, click the "Preferences" button.

    Select the goup name on the left.

    Click the Dock button.

    Ensure that "Always" is checked.

    You can add items to the dock here. The network folder that you want to add is in the lower of the two fields, under the Documents and Folders field.


    I know it's a basic description but like any server system, the options you can set are pretty abundant. 

    I hope my description gives you a good place to start!




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    Thanks for this it has helped immensly.


    One thing for anyone else reading this post with the same issue, I had to browse to the network share in the finder before I could then select it in workgroup manager.


    My only concern is that the icon is a question mark until you click it, then it changes to the standard icon.


    Now all i need to know is how to restrict the finder menus with workgroup manager so I will start a new post.


    Thanks again