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    I know, but I don't know whether it is really sure, it misses the Kaspersky certificate for one, but I do not know whether it is really a fraud, but it looks like it might be a fraud. If it is I would not know what to do to contain the danger of having given your uuid. I hope some of our professors come in.

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    Jack Q wrote:


    MadMacs0 said that some other site is more secure for finding out if I am infected.

    However, I already entered in my UUID on:

    http://flashbackcheck dot com

    Am I ok?

    I'm fairly certain that Kaspersky would have had the site taken down by now if it wasn't theirs. I was told at one time that both sites use the same database. I just wish they both would publish their Privacy Policy on what they do with that information.


    I'm not sure what harm could come of knowing your UUID anyway. Somebody compared it to knowing the VIN of your care (which is prominently displayed on your dashboard). You can use it to track a computer, but that's about it. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of them available here in the forum on crash reports.

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    Maybe, but you never know. Taking this kind of risk is not always harmless.

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