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Please help!!!


Usually when I write an sms it shows up green and imessages shows up blue, and they both show up chronologically in the same window. I.e. my iphone understands it is from the same person and therefor post both types of messages in the same window. However a month ago or so my boyfriends imessages started showing up in a seperate window from his regular green text messages... Why? We have changed no settings of any sort. Nothining has been altered, and on his iphone both types of texts show up in the same window. My other iphone contacts also show up in the same window with both green an blue texts. How come his dont? His email as such is not a part of his contact details, i did however try adding it to see if that would help make the messages go in the same window but it didnt

He has a iphone 3s i have 4, (not s).

All I want is for the blue and the green messages to live together in perfect harmony within one window... Is that too much to ask???


Please help its driving me crazy for some weird reason :S 

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1
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    Mine works that way, iMessages appear in a separate window using blue message balloos, and text messages from non-iMessage sources appear in a window using green balloons.  Except when the messaging is mixed, such as parites using iMessage devices and parties using non-iMessage devices...then all messages appear in teh same window but all using green text balloons.

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    Thats weird, cuz this only happens with my boyfriend and I. Others who have iphones and are connected to imessage appear in the same window... Also on my boyfriends iphone I appear in the same window with regular green sms's as well as with the blue imessages, I simply cant figure out why it started dividing his on my device. Any thoughts ?

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    I am not convinced there are not bugs in iMessage at this point...mine shifts back and forth for some people, fine for others...and iMessages never appear on my iPad unless sent from another iPad for some reason.


    I am not sure just what to do about it right now other than live with it.  It just seem to get confused at times.

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    But it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever that with some it works and others not... :S its quite annoying! I tried calling apple... yeah I know silly me, and all what they said was, try and check the forums, we as such cant help you with that... But I'm thinking if they cant, then who???

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    Yes, this is one of the more infuriating SNAFUs with all the Apple crap.  Right up there with stealing focus from the app I'm using, and absolutely refusing to give us ISO8601 International STANDARD date/time formatting on iOS!!  >:-(


    Here are some things to try for this Messages situation:

    1) create a new address book card (make sure ALL your devices sync contacts via iCloud) and name it "Boyfriend 1 iMessage" (make one for each boyfriend, and have them all do the same thing for you)

    2) DELETE that contact address from ALL other contacts--i.e. dissociate it from "you" in Contacts (ditto)

    3) Set iMessages and Messages to use THAT address as your primary for messages (ditto)

    4) Start a new message thread using that new (iMessage address only) contact.

    5) When Apple unceremoniously CHANGES YOUR SETTINGS (reverts back to use phone number to start new messages) repeat above.  ;-p


    Good luck!