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I have backed up my onl iPad 2 using iTunes, but when I try and restore the data from iTunes to my new Ipad it gives me a dialog box aksing me if I am sure I want to restore the iPad to factory default settings? All data will be deleted......not what I want to do.


If I right click on the new connected iPad when connected to Itunes and select "Restore".....The dialog box only gives me options to restore contacts, calendars, notes and settings. I want to also include all of my settings, apps, movies, data & settings from apps, etc. Essentialy clone my old iPad 2. Once I can verify that is completed, then I will restore and delete the old iPad 2 to original factory settings.

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Solved by Ingo2711 on May 1, 2012 2:43 AM Solved

Back up your old iPad manually by right clicking on it in the device list and choosing "backup".

This manual backup does not include the sync process.

After that connect your new iPad, let iTunes set it up. After the setup is completed, iTunes will give you the option to start as new device or choose a backup to restore the info. Select the manual backup you made before and after that the apps, data and settings should be the same as on the old one.

How to back up your data and set up as a new device

iTunes: About iOS backups

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Reply by NewToMacGuy on May 1, 2012 2:40 AM Helpful

This is quite easy. First, connect your old iPad to your computer and open up iTunes. After it syncs, click on where it says <Your name's> iPad, go to Info and there should be Check for Update and Backup. Click on the "Backup" button. When its done, you can disconnect it. Now connect your new iPad, when it runs the starup, select "Restore from Backup". Let it run, and there you go! All your old things on a brand new iPad.


Hope that helps!

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