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The people I call with my Iphone tell me the can barely hear my voice but I dont know how to manage the volume or the sensitivity of the microphone on my Iphone

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    when you are on the call press the +button which is present near the mute button. it will increase the volume

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    thank you, you right but I want to adjust microphone volume, plzz tel me how ?

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    You selected this as resolving your issue. Since that is not the case, there is no volume control for input. You either need to talk louder or have the person on the other end put their hearing aid in. Or contact your Cell provider and inform them that the outgoing audio is not loud when communicating with other people.

    Something you can also test is do a Facetime over wifi with someone,. See if the audio is louder or not. if it IS then its a connection issue with audio with your provider. it its the same then its a mic issue with your phone and the first thing you want to do is a restore, otherwise apple will not assist you till that has been attempted.

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    There is no way adjusting the built-in mic sensitivity of an iPad. Try using a vacuum cleaner as suggested on


    It worked beautifully for me.

    This mic problem may appear a design flaw of Apple: despite careful use of the iPad,  the mic opening gets blocked over time (dust or dirt)

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    Seriously good little mic and has some compression and anti pop and ssss built in / compared to the rhode NT1000 its ridiculously similar but then again Iphones cost more than alot of budget Studio mics....I'd go as far to say wouldn't have a problem recording an album with it and thats the 4s without the new. HD 3d or whatever..

    +Adjusting the external buttons doesn't effect the recording either

    Q: How to route the iphone as core audio for the mac and record direct to logic ( alot of small studios using USB box for guitar and vocals) mainly for 1/4 jack and XLR phantom power for recording mics.



    Maximum Bit Depth:

    Maximum Sample Rate:

    Input Dynamic Range:


    Internal Microphone


    The internal microphone operates independently from all other audio input ports and is always available. The internal microphone supports recording at bit depths of 16, 20, or 24 bits per sample and at sample rates of 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, or 96 kHz. Audio recorded from the microphone is presented as a stereo data stream with the same data appearing on both the left and right channels. The microphone gain can be adjusted from -16.0 dB to +30.0 dB.

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    kevandrews44 wrote:




    You responded to a 2 year old thread.

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    Is that a problem? This helped me and others and is a good answer