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Greetings with love&respect once again,to the leaders &all who are members within this great Community.My question is this,if it all possible,can someone please help to answer this problem.   Mac OS X  10.4.11.  Safari 3.0.4. After a restart,&after logging on,Im taken to a screen saver which I chose Im in finder.three folders are then filling much of the screen untitled,untitled,1,&a flash player folder.&behind it all,in this little parade,is a info question,with a tryangle shape yellow exclimation point!.It says this package contains a program which determines if the software can be installed.are you sure you want to continue?If you are not sure hit cancel to prevent it from running. then if I hit cancel next time I do a restart the whole process starts all over again.What must I do to end this irkish behavior?Do I always have to have finder be the 1st to open?Thanks,B.

PowerMac, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    Boy, do I miss spaces between sentences and after punctuation, and uppercase letters at the start of sentences.  I'm not kidding, it makes your post a lot easier to follow (and me more inclined to try answering).


    It sounds like you have an installer running in startup items.  You could check System Preferences > Accounts > your account startup items and see if there is something there.  If there is, and you think it is safe to remove, you can highlight it and click the "-" button. Is there any indication as to what is trying to be installed?  A yellow triangle does not bring anything to mind.