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During the setup process of a brand new replacement iPad 2, I enter my Apple ID credentials and get to the restore from iCloud screen only to find it is not showing me the backups I really have - all it's showing me are backups of my old iPhone 4, up to Dec last year.


The new iPad does not "see" the newer backups of the previous iPad 2 I had, nor my current iPhone 4S.


Yet on my iPhone, I can go into the iCloud management area and see the backups all there... I feel like I'm going crazy! So what's going on? Any one got any clues??




iPad 2, iOS 5.1
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    I worked out the answer: the replacement machine had an older (v5.0) of the iOS and wouldn't see the newer backups. Solution is to setup the iPad as a new iPad temporarily, run the OS update, then completely reset all data and settings so that it goes through the restore process from scratch again. Hope that helps someone...

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    Thanks - this worked for me too.

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    This isn't working for me I updated the IOS on my phone and it's still saying theres no back up available. Any other ideas?

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    Thank you...this solved my problem too! I had upgraded to iOS6 and backed up my data....then 2 days later I purchased the new iPad from the ATT store....and the iOS was still 5. Thanks!!

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    Thanks.   I replaced a broken iPad with Applecare and Apple said I didn't have an icloud backup when I had just completed one.    I am certain this is why, the replacement is on an older version.      Someone should tell Apple this.

    The other concern is that they erased my broken ipad before they tried to restore my new one.      They also boxed up the broken one while it was erasing, so I hope it completed successfully.   I'm disappointed in the lack of care they provide.