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daxx Level 1 Level 1

my request is simple as should be Apple product

  • K T Level 7 Level 7

    Isn't it included with a Dashcode installation?


    You can try this direct link to - search there for Dashcode.

  • daxx Level 1 Level 1

    let me see, i got a Dashcode 3.02 in my HD,

    i'm running Snow Leopard and had installed XCode 4.2 for SL,

    but spotlight not find any AppleWidget.js...

    Nothing like this in : /System/Library/WidgetResources/AppleClasses/

    and yes i'm running iBooks Author 1.1 under Snow Leopard


    So, where is it ? on Lion only ?

    anybody can share ?



  • Tom Gewecke Level 9 Level 9

    I don't see it in Lion.  It is mentioned in this doc


  • daxx Level 1 Level 1


    that was i mean


    Set your Dashboard widget to load the Apple javascript library:

    <script type="text/javascript" src="AppleClasses/AppleWidget.js"> </script>



    i'm looking for this file to achieve this tutorial...

  • daxx Level 1 Level 1

    anybody can help ?


    i'm trying to fix the Flash effect when you click on a widget inside a iBook,


    see : Flash during HTML initialization when they open the widget in iBooks in :


    i need a working example or the AppleWidget.js file,

    my boss want i finish the project for yesterday,


    Please, Thanks

  • daxx Level 1 Level 1

    bump !

  • David Bourne Level 2 Level 2

    Just curious, do you get an error message if you just go ahead with the instructions. Maybe its a basic, hidden file?

  • daxx Level 1 Level 1

    I still got the white flash screen before my widget fullfill the screen, so i guess it's not working yet,

    If somebody has a fixed example of an html Widget without the "flash" initialisation,

    I will be very interested to see it.

  • daxx Level 1 Level 1

    so i finaly get this famous file mentioned in : ,

    Apple provide a tutor without providing the file to achieve it.., did you said amateurish ?


    So, i find it decompiling the,

    go on your iTunes/Mobile Applications/ Folder,

    duplicate the iBooks.ipa,and rename it with .zip extension and decompress the archive,

    in iBooks Folder, open Payload folder and right-click on iBooks app to show package content,

    you'll find an AppleWidgetController.js file,

    despite the name, this is the  AppleWidget.js mentioned in tutor because inside there the function i need (and others really interesting)


    So, i should be able to achieve the tutorial now to fix the white flash effect,

    well, in fact, the step 3 is confusing :


    daxx wrote:

    1. Set your Dashboard widget to let iBooks know when the HTML initialization begins, and iBooks can switch from showing the Default.png file to displaying the running HTML widget by calling (in javascript):


    i've tried to setup this at different places, but the widget going fullscreen stay in white flash state now,

    so if somebody can provide the last step, it will be helpful



  • daxx Level 1 Level 1

    a working example, please, please, (i'm down on my knees)



  • rmdissa Level 1 Level 1



    Did you try to put this line of code:




    as the content of your AppleWidget.js file?




  • daxx Level 1 Level 1

    Ya, i did it but with no success,

    Wait for a working example, anybody ?

  • daxx Level 1 Level 1

    well, 1 month before i asked a simple mere question,

    because a tutorial was so cleverly written that nobody can use it in real-life,

    i'm still waiting because nobody can show/give a working example of it,

    where the multi-touch .iba samples created by Apple with tons of Widget inside no flashing while entering fullscreen ?

    i can see it in demo video promoting iBooks author but not found nowhere...


    what a waste of time....

  • moneydick Level 1 Level 1

    This is the snippet of code you want:

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