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I'm having some issues setting up screen sharing.  The problem is that I set it all up and can see the other computer when we are on the same network.  But I cannot see the device when I'm back home and trying to screen share over the internet.


I need to be able to see the screen of my client's Mac while I am at home.


Here is what I've done to set up screen sharing:


  • Both Macs are running Lion 10.7.3
  • I have set myself up in the address book of the Mac I want to access.
    • In my address book card I have multiple emails.  One of them is the email that I use as my Apple ID.
  • I turned on screen sharing on the remote computer and added myself to the list of people able to screen share by selecting my address book card that includes my Apple ID.
    • Access is for all users
    • I have checked "Anyone can request permission to control screen."
  • On my computer I have ensured that my Apple ID is included in the Users and Groups control panel.


When I am on their network, in their home, I see their computer in the shared devices section of my Finder window.


I am able to request permission to screen share and am able to gain permission when they accept.


But when I get home, their computer does not show up in my Finder window under shared devices.


What critical step am I missing?



iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3), 27" 2009 iMac
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