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I recently changed to a new pc and a new internet service provider.  The old equipment is gone and so is are the old ids.  Now iTunes tells me I can't play music on my pc because it's not authorized under an even older id.  When I ask for the password, naturally the msg is sent to the old id, which is defunct and not now available.  So how do I get all this to work on the new pc and finally get rid of the old ids?

iPad, iOS 5.1
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    All purchases will always be tied to the account from which they were purchased.

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    Content is tied to the id that originally bought/downloaded it and it can't be copied or transferred to a different account - so you will need to use the old id to authorise its content. If you can't remember the password for it and you don't have access to its email account, then do you know its security question : http://iforgot.apple.com

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    This helped slightly, but then when I tried to enter the required data -- in this case my birthday -- the interface rejected it.  I can hardly have misentered my birthday, so something else is  going on.  In addition, I was asked to change the password for my current id.  This whole thing is getting more and more Byzantine.  Thanks for you answer though; it just didn't get me anywhere.