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My wife and I have an iPhone 4 and an iPad 2 (Wi-Fi only) between the two of us. Both devices have iOS 5.0 or better and both are using the same Apple ID and iTunes account. Here's the problem: When I iMessage the iPhone from the iPad (or vice versa), my message displays as a blue bubble, on the right side, ON THE iPHONE I just sent to. If she replies to that iMessage, it shows up as a blue bubble on the right side on the iPad. In other words, our iMessage conversations all appear one-sided. There are no grey bubbles. It's just a string of blue bubbles along the right side.


However, to complicate this anomaly further, every once in a while one of our replies shows up as a grey 'reply' bubble. But then the very next reply ends up on the blue bubble side.


The conversation displays identically on both devices. The irriating thing about this anamoly, is the incoming message alarm doesn't sound because the device sees it as coming from itself.


Any ideas?

iPad 2, iOS 5.1
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    Since you are using the same Apple ID for both devices, it's no wonder it behaves this way.... it thinks the message is originating and being delivered to itself.  If you want the display to show texts in the normal fashion, you need to set up different Apple IDs on each device.

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    But why then does the received message SOMETIMES show up as a grey bubble?


    Also, if I set up a different Apple ID, won't I lose the ability to upload iTunes purchased on the other device? I thought I could upload (without a subscription) purchases to four or five devices, but I thought that was restricted to a particular Apple ID.


    What am I missing here?

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    Also, I find it difficult to understand that the algorithm doesn't differentiate between devices. I should be albe to purchase an iPad and use it to message my iPhone. The iPhone is identified as such in the contacts. My iPad just shows up as "My iPad" in the rare instances when the response from the iPad side displays as a grey bubble on the iPhone.


    On the right track, maybe, but still confused.

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    Regarding the grey bubble, who knows.  You're using the iMessage app in a way it was not intended, so I can't comment on why it behaves like it does.


    As far as the algorithm is concerned, the two devices are "owned" by the same person.  Say you have the iPad and Wifey has the iPhone and the wife tries to send a text to the iPad.  Apple ID doesn't care.  All it sees is a user trying to send a text to himself.


    The reason you can use the same ID with two different devices is to keep the messages synced.  In my case, for example, I have an iPhone and an iPad.  When I respond to an iMessage message from another user, that response is synced to both devices.  It lets me pick up either device and keep the conversation going.


    As I said before, if you want to have the messages display properly between the two devices, you need different IDs on each device.

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    Thanks for your insight, but it still doesn't make sense. We have friends with two iPhones, sync'd to one ID. When I message one, they both see mine and can each respond. From my side, it looks like a normal conversation. From their side, each of their messages shows up on (both) iPhones on the right (sender) side in Blue. HOWEVER, when they imessage EACH OTHER their bubbles alternate blue(right), grey(left). So, even though they both use the same ID, their phones (and iPads, by the way) recognize the messages as coming from another device.


    Oh, another piece of pertinent info. This anomally just started happening about 4 days ago. Before then, our imessage strings were normal.


    Any thoughts now? You seem to know your stuff. Thanks for helping!

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    You know, a lot of folks started having problems with iMessage and Facetime late last week, judging from the number of new posts about problems with these services.  So, you are not alone.


    In light of that, I'd check the iMessage settings in each device.  In fact, try setting the "Receive At" address differently between the two devices.  Use the phone number for the iPhone and an email address for the iPad.  Maybe that will help.


    The other thing that might work is simply turning iMessage off, then on again, on each device.  You also might want to try logging out and logging in again.

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    Quick question: If I change the "Receive At" email on my iPad, it appears as if I'm changing the email for my entire Apple ID account. Does anyone know if this is true, or is the "Receive At" setting on any one device independent of my overall Apple account settings?

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    JnJ1997 wrote:


    Quick question: If I change the "Receive At" email on my iPad, it appears as if I'm changing the email for my entire Apple ID account. Does anyone know if this is true, or is the "Receive At" setting on any one device independent of my overall Apple account settings?

    It depends on the email addresses you have registered at the Apple ID site.  If you have two email addresses registered, the messages will come to the email address you have set in the Receive At setting on that device.

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    I started having the exact same issue (messages from two devices displaying on right side and looking as if from same device) at about the same time with 2 iPhone 4s and an iPad3. Have had the two 4s for 4 months now and this is a new issue that seems to have been introduced.


    I think that there must have been some change put in place lately that affected iMessage's ability to distinguish between devices.

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    Are/were both of your iPhones set to "Receive At" the same, or different email/phone numbers? Are your iMessage strings on your iPad also displaying this anomaly?


    Just checking before I go and change the setting on my device(s). I tried to chg it on my iPad, but I'm overseas right now and it won't take. I saw on another chat string that I can't change this setting while outside of the US. Not sure why that would be, but that is proving true for me now.

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    Oh, and I'll agree with your suspicions of some change in the system recently.


    I don't buy that my iPad and iPhone think the conversation is coming from one side. Here is the reason I say that. Whenever I "Send" a message, the "Delivered" note appears a few seconds later. If the iPad sees the message as going to 'itself', why would it 'Deliver'?


    Anyone agree with this line of reasoning?


    Apple? Did you recently change system code?

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    Both of the phones are and we're set to receive at the same email address, but different phone numbers. The iPad is set to the same email address a well.


    And, yes, iPad was having the same issue too, though at this point Ive just turned messaging off the device.