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POWERBOOK G4 w/airport & bluetooth disabled awakens while closed.

Every few days the turned off and closed laptop sitting on a table will show that slowly winking led just above the button on the front that is pressed to "open" (raise) the top; meaning it's turned itself on for some unknown reason

Items connected are an external speaker and a Kensington trackball

and AC charger connected to an AC strip that has been turned off.


Its realized the battery could be removed, but that is the last resort



Is this 'spooks' or what??

PowerBook, Mac OS X (10.4.11), PwrPC G4 (1.1) 17" CPU spd 1.5
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    Are any of the "restart after" options under the energy saver checked, in System Preferences?

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    I appreciate the recommendation.

    Not sure yet.Made 2 changes in that area altho there were no 'restart after' items there were 2 other boxes I unchecked so nothing remains as checked or active..

    So far, the laptop has not restarted. My caution in saying it's solved is that it was about the same number of

    days since then (3) that it woke up previously when I thought it was setup properly.Will watch it over the next several days and see what is what.



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    well today the light was blinking again and the battery drain indicates if woke up sometime after It was used last night and shut down properly. When it was being used the charger was on; then the charger was turned off when

    the battery was 100% at shutdown


    TODAY on checking all preferences, only the bluetooth discoverable was on when it had been off before,, and I did not turn it on.   thats all found that might be the cause...but that it sat for 2 days and did not restart, then after a normal use it did the next morning is stupifying!!


    Unless there is a genie inside

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    It CAME ON of itself today.. At midnight it had not turned itself on for several days..but today the led was lit and slowly blinking and no one had even touched it. battery at 83%  Bluetooth was NOT active. Have examined all

    preferences and find no indicator that would turn it on.


    This was purchased as a used product which is okay.  the question is.. could it be possible that someone who knows how to write code, and was the original owner, created a code to turn it  on after a certain time period of days ???

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    Solution... In Energy Saver Preferences there is a schedule box in one of the windows that had been checked by former owner to awaken Tuesday mornings at 7 am.


    Deselected that and situation should be solved unless a computer 'genie' re-acdtivates that option after closing the PB!!