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I have an emac, system 10.4.11, and when I try to open a file on the desktop, the screen goes blank with just the background picture and no files and then all the files return and the file I double clicked on does not open. Any answers out there.

aMac, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    Hello, is this any file or just certain one(s)?


    What is the full name of this file?

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    It is any file I have on the desktop, the .pdf open just fine though. Also I fould out that if I try to open the finder from the dock, it does the same thing! Well this is funny, or NOT-- I just tried it again and I can open files and the finder opens from the dock like nothing was wrong? I hope there is not a chance that someone was coming in from out side and messing with my hard drive.... just being paranoid... sound of twilight zone in the background for this strange occurance.   Any thoughts?

  • BDAqua Level 10 (122,276 points)

    If it's an eMac, then there's very little chance of outside coming in, but do you use Airport & if so what encryption does it use?

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    I'm direct wired into a Cisco Linksys wireless router used for a wireless pc. I have norton firewall also. Nothing to report on that software as suspicious, except for this morning early, before the problem started, there was some connection blocking from "windows file sharing" what ever that means that was "user defined" out of remote Port 138 . I do not have an Airport extreme card. Everything is working fine now.

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    OK, sounds like a fluke then, good luck!

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    I have norton firewall also.


    Id this is installed on your Mac, there's the problem. Norton/Symantec products have damaged more Macs than they've saved. Get that dreck off the computer.