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I recently bough an Apple TV 2nd generation and home sharing is not working well.

What drives me crazy is that it works sometimes and sometimes it doesn't.

Things I already checked:

- all devices are set up to the same account

- firewall is not blocked

- router and apple tv are updated

- wifi is working perfectly

I don't know why that happens, last week it was working perfectly (airplay from iphone and ipad as well) and now nothing works.

Can anyone help????

Thank you in advance!

AppleTV 2
  • vazandrew Level 6 Level 6 (16,520 points)

    Intermittent issues are usually a result of interference, have you verified this?


    If not, check www.istumbler.net (netstumbler for windows)

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    Thank you very much for your attention, @vazandrew, but it this is not my problem.

    I'm a mac user and the internet connection is just fine.

    This is really an issue, I've tried some sugestions I've found on the net but it doesn't work.

    Thank you, anyway!

    If anyone has any other suggestion I woud really appreciate it.

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    seems like a lot of people are having this problem;  there are dozens of topics on the issue and apparently it's not confined to apple tv.


    my experience has been that i can get video content to play if i manually choose the "apple tv" option from the playback bar in itunes.  if i access it directly through apple tv, forget it.


    of course, this does me no good when attempting to play music because there's no itunes option to send music tracks on apple tv.  i get less than 3 minutes of play before home sharing dies.


    so, so frustrating. 

  • vazandrew Level 6 Level 6 (16,520 points)

    You say the Internet connection is fine, that's not the issue. Have you gone to istumbler and actually eliminated interference as an issue?


    More often then not that has been the cause for users. To truly troubleshoot it's best to cover all bases in order to find the root of the problem

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    Thank you again @vazandrew. I downloaded istumbler and the level of noise is about 13%.

    Is that a lot?

    I've read that the solution to try to reduce it would be to move the base station but I don't have that option because the station is right where the broadband feed comes to the house.

    Best regards

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    yeah, @applechase...

    It's very frustating...

    I'm going to try your suggestion. Thank you!

  • HACKINT0SH Level 5 Level 5 (5,755 points)

    99% of the tiime I've seen this, it's due to a user having a Windows machine... or a 3'rd party router, or a combination of both.