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Okay so I submitted an ealier post and was able to get some good feedback but I am still having issues.


I have a slideshow made in IPHOTO I linked my audio to play with the slide show..... (earlier I had 2 separate files one audio one a movie/slide done on IMOVIE) the reaon was to keep the audio in auto run and loop because the slide was shorter than the audio length.


HERE IS MY ISSUE: no matter what I do if I upload a video or a slideshow from IMOVIE or IPHOTO using a QUICKTIME or APPLETV etc.

the file will stop play and freeze of you move the mouse curser over the video during play and simultaneously scroll down.... moving the mouse over the video during play alone is fine, it's simultaneously scrolling down that frezzes the video.

When I had (2) separate files one audio on loop and auto play and the other a video on loop and auto play.... the audio would continue to play but the video would freeze.


I know someone suggested to use an html format by setting up the video file in my FTP server folders and then pasting in the html tag into the snippet

this worked but the video file was still in QUICKTIME format and still it would freeze


I was told this is because QUICKTIME responds to curser actions and so..........


how can I change my IPHOTO slideshow and IMOVIE files into an alternate file other than quicktime

I am not familiar with html snippets and tags, something I am learning


basically I just want to drag n drop the file onto the web pg. use inspector to auto play and loop and be done with it...


Anyone have any suggestions on how to upload my files without using QUICKTIME


care to walk me throught your process?


thank you



Mac OS X (10.6.8)