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can anyone explain or point me in the direction of the reaoning behind iphotos behaviour with Albums and Smart Albums in 2 situations.


the first, is when using Airpics App and Server, the second when viewing a shared library.


my set up is my iPhoto main DB is on a headless Mini. I also have a MBP on the same wireless network that view and controls the Mini.


in situation 1, when my iPad views my Minis library via thr Airpics apps, it says it only views Albums and Smart Albums, not Events but i can see an item that is an event. it consequently is the last full import i do so is the last import considered an album or smart album?


in 2, when i view my Mini iPhoto DB on my MBP via sharing, lots of Albums and Smart Albums come up from the past that i have deleted. Where is it gettign this info from? is it old stuff from the Minis DB coming through? Or are these current or old stuf from my MBP somehow? when i open the Minis DB on my MBP using Alt-Open and selecting the DB Directly instead of over sharing, these Albums / Smart Albums dont exist. i only see what i expect to see, Currwnt set up..



Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    Airpics is a 3rd party app and for help with that you need to contact the developer of that app.


    Last Import is a Smart Album.


    Sharing from a Library is managed by an xml file called AlbumData or AlbumData2. This file is within the LIbrary package. Back up first. Trash it. Restart iPhoto and it will regenerate it. That should solve the issue of old material appearing.

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    and here was me thinking that long question might put anyone off aswering...


    i think that answered everything...

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    this XML file, Terence, is it on the machine where the library is stored or where its shared to?

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    Where the Library is shared from...



    Go to your Pictures Folder and find the iPhoto Library there. Right (or Control-) Click on the icon and select 'Show Package Contents'. A finder window will open with the Library exposed.

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    thank you again Terence.


    you see ma bit of an iPhoto Guru, Terence and i dont know how else to contact you and i know its niot right to change a thread half way through but do you have any knowledge on the best way to handle this situation:


    i have my iphoto on my headless Mini, controlled by MBP remotely and within the same Wi fi network when home. Iphoto over both is unusably slow. How could i combat this? im told not to use the Mini Library via MBP sleected via ALT when opening as if WiFi drops out it can corrupt. If i use the Sharing from the iPhoto.Mini to MBP, iPhoto.Mini must be open therefore iPhoto.Mini on Sharing on MBP cant be editted, only viewed. The one utility that helps is the iPhoto Manager but all that essentially does is copy from one to another over WiFi so i dont see the difference in that app doing it or me manually doing it, TBH id rather manually do it.


    And i need to store the iPhoto main DB at home as iTunes and my iPad use it while i'm not there, and its now too big to carry around on a 5 year old MBP.


    I like a lot of others seem lost on how to effectively manage and use iPhoto

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    ive tried this Terence and the srage photo libraries are stll there. i'm tryign to work out what they are. what does the Sharing feature in iPhoto show? is it Events, Albums, Smart Albums or even Facebook Albums?

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    Hi mumbles2701,


    I know your post was a while ago, but just thought you might like to know that we've released AirPics v1.1 with new support for streaming Aperture libraries and iPhoto events in addition to albums and smart albums.





    Dan Cutting

    Yellowbek Ltd


    (Full disclosure: I am a developer of AirPics and receive financial compensation from my recommendation.)

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    will try it Dan