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I am trying to help a friend connect his iPad 1 to a Huawei E585 mobile dongle, but without success.  I have paired the two devices and a tick appears to confirm this.  Despite this, I cannot access the Internet, nor emails.


Can you offer any advice and suggestions?

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    What is it you are trying to do? If the huawei is a mifi, it needs to generate a wifi hoptspot.  And connecting it through to the Internet should be straightforward.  If you are trying to connect it physically, that won't work.  The pad needs a wifi signal.

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    Thank you for your reply...


    With the MiFi dongle switched on, the iPad picks up the signal and the possible connection shows on the iPad.  I entered the connection password found on the inside cover and after a moment, a tick appears beside the name of the dongle.  I expect to be able to connect to the Internet, but can't.  This is the problem.


    I do however suspect that the iPad hasn't ever been synchronised with iTunes and feel that this could be the reason.  Any additional comments and suggestions are welcome.  Thank you.

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    Syncing with iTunes has absolutely no connection with an iPads ability to connect to a WiFi network.


    Are you sure that the MiFi device is connected to the Internet? Obviously the iPad will only be able to connect to the Internet if the MiFi device has a 3G connection.

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    As certain as I can be.  I was able to connect to the MiFi dongle with my own iPad, but then lost the connection and was unable to reconnect.  Not a lot more that I can add, sorry.

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    Try Resetting the iPad  [Hold the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons down together for 10 seconds or so (until the Apple logo appears) and then release. When the screen goes blank then power ON again in the normal way.] It is 'appsolutely' safe!


    If this does not work can you experiment with another device such as a phone, another iPad, etc?

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    I saw the same on a friend's iPad3.


    Turned out that there is a problem if the HTTP proxy is set to AUTO in the settings for the wifi connection (tap the blue rhs arrow by the wifi connection for the MyFi) and when I turned OFF the Http proxy the connection worked OK