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I have a image that contains a really nice subject; however the background is two-toned and distracting. I've tried the Repair/Clone tool to change the background to one color with limited success. Any suggestions appreciated.


Also, the Perfect Mask plug-in by onOne Software looks like it is designed to replace backgrounds. I'd appreciate from anyone that has used this this plug-in - or other plug-ins that are similar in function.



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    I'm curious -- I'll give it a whirl.


    Whoa -- a 640 MB program file?  Does it make sandwiches? 


    Added:  and, hands-down, the least useful intro video I've ever seen.  Not a good start.


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    ... and a brilliant finish!


    Works well, seems to be _very_ well implemented.


    Instant results:

    2012-04-30_SunNFlowers_Pittsburgh_127 of 158_DSC02287.jpg

    You can't do anything like that in Aperture (the flower and bee are from my photograph; masked the background and added the new background selected from the included files in less than three minutes, ten if you include watching the UI video, checking the prefs, making a first test stand-alone image, launching Aperture, and confirming that Perfect Mask works as a plug-in).  You can do lots of things like that with any pixel editor or graphics program.  onOne offers a 30-day trial.  Worth a look.  I have nothing to compare it too.  Imho (fwiw -- first look), slick, useful, easy to use, well-integrated, and well-stocked -- and you pay for all that.


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    Thanks. I really like your pic!  I'll download the trial version and give it a shot.



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    William, if the color in the background is distracting - have you tried to make the background black-and-white?

    And then brush in a monochrome color, like I tried here? I found the background in this picture much to vibrant and used the brushes to tone the colours down to nearly black and white: For this kind of brushed adjustment the edge detection option is very helpful.




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    Cupertino sure doesn't skimp when it comes to keeping those beta-testers in line  .


    Well-done treatment and excellent suggestion.

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    Thanks for the compliment Kirby -


    but - wow - I am still too impressed by the dramatic effect of your flower picture, to think of any words to describe it - all done in three minutes?


    And did you find the answer? " Does it make sandwiches? "