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I would like to get further information on the capabilities of iCal and it's use with iCloud. Currently running into strange situation.


1) Where does your Calenders lie (on 'My Mac' or in iCloud)? I use to have them all on My Mac.

2) iCal can create calender groups, I can not find the same feature in iCloud. If a group calender is created in iCal will it sync in iCloud?

          2.1) If this does work can you take existing calenders drop them into the created group calender and have them sync?

3) If # 2 is not possible why is the group calender feature even available?


Any thoughts, workarounds etc would be helpful.



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  • Winston Churchill Level 10 Level 10
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    Calendars and their groups can reside either in your "on my Mac" account or in your "iCloud" account, "on my Mac" contacts will only appear on your Mac, "iCloud" contacts will sync via iCloud to all your devices.


    I'm not at all sure where you are looking on the calendar section at iCloud.com, however if you click on the small edit button above the list of calendars on the left-hand side of the calendar page, you will get the opportunity to create new calendars.


    I'm not sure what you are asking at 2.1, could you please clarify.

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    Hi Winston,


    Thanks for the info, however what I can not find in iCloud that seems different in iCal is the Group Calendars.

    In iCal under File menu you have an option to create a 'New Calendar Group'. I am unable to find the same feature in iCloud.


    With that concern I am wondering if a group calendar is created in iCal will it sync effectively in iCloud?


    Thanks again for your reply.



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    I was trying to do the same thing: organize some of my iCould calendars into a group. As far as I can tell, it's not possible.


    As you discovered, when you create a calendar, iCal gives you a choice of making it a calendar on your Mac or in iCloud. But when you create a calendar group, you're not given that option and iCal automatically places it on your Mac.


    If there is a workaround, I hope someone will post it.

  • Max Curious Level 1 Level 1

    We also have this problem of needing to sync GROUP CALENDARS in iCLOUD...when you have multiple clients and multiple projects for each client...yes...WE NEED THEM in a business environment.


    Apple..please bring back GROUP CALENDARS!


    and adding a collaborative function to the client would also be good..


    Just like it was in MOBILE ME.



    Thank you.

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    I too am trying to find out how to do the group calendars in iCloud. It is almost useable but then having this feature gone is a real drag.


    http://busymac.com/busycal/ might be the only solution for now.

  • Clarej Level 1 Level 1

    Having a similar problem.  I wish Apple would provide some more info in iCal Help.  New Calendar Group is behaving erratically for me.  I was able to set up 1 Group Calendar on my Mac - now I no longer have the option in the File menu.  Also it won't allow me to change the label of "group" to "Personal"?? 

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    If you're still looking, I found that I have to log into my iCloud account via Safari and access my calendars in order to add a new group to my iCal.

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    Has anyone found this to work? I still can't create calendar groups in iCloud for my calendar and it's incredibly frustrating that everything still needs to be sync'd manually.


    Right now I'm stuck to having my iCal on my Mac and forcing sync to my iPad and iPhone.  I have ALL APPLE DEVICES...why is it so hard for this to work?!


    Calendar groups are a must, as I have Personal calendars and Work calendars and I publish my work calendar for coworkers and employees in the main office to be able to see my schedule.  Please advice. 

    If there is any workaround, I'd be happy to hear it, even if it means creating a Google calendar and syncing between Google and iCal.  HELP!