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    When I copied the manuscript I included the images, and everything transferred perfectly to Word, including the formatting. 

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    This problem appears to have been resolved; however, a few other solutions have occurred to me that may help other people in a similar situation.


    Creating a 300 page document (let's say 75,000 words), with imbedded photos, may not be the best use for a word processor, like Word. I would suggest using a more robust software, like MS Publisher (not sure if available on Mac) or Scrivener (which is what I use for large word-count documents).


    Finally, it may have worked, since "diannefromnewyork" says that she knows there were multiple image files that could have been deleted, would have been to open in a text editor app, like Text Wrangler, where the image files could've been removed fairly easily. However, this solution assumes that you have at least a minimal working knowledge of HTML.


    Hope this helps others.

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